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The Sunday After Election

On November 13th (first Sunday post-election outcome), it would be lovely to see churches all over this country filled with enthusiastic worshipers. It would be a delight for pastors to see their people coming to Church eager to hear what saith the Lord. It would be a boost of Psalmic proportion to see people who(…)

Give Up Our Christian Values?

Make the best case for your vote! Validate, justify, rationalize and proselytize. But you cannot, CANNOT assert that we are to set aside our Christian principles in the process. If you do so, you are overlooking the fundamental pre-commitment we have to the God of Scriptures. Ben Carson’s statement that “Sometimes you put your Christian(…)

Preach the Word

A note to my fellow pastors: We know what it means to delve deeply into the text, to navigate our favorite Bible software, to examine the text grammatically, historically, wholistically, to bring a dose of applicability to the life of our people; it’s what we do. This can be an invigorating process. For some of(…)

10 Rules on Sin and Repentance

Rule #10: If outrageous sins do not break and humble you, you are finding refuge in the father of lies. Rule #9: Power grants you the privilege to serve, not to overpower, abuse or overlook the weak. Rule #8: Remember that character is revealed in the dark. Your mic is always on. Rule #7: Remember(…)

Help: We are bored!

Researchers have determined that we have a problem. Yet we cavalierly attempt to rationalize our ways acting as if everything is just fine. But it’s a subtle problem. It’s barely noticeable because our lives are wrapped up in it. I speak of that technological innovation knows as the cell phone. For all its charming and(…)

Loving our Wives like good Chestertonians

This is a note for the guys. Just guys. Keep your wives away, gentlemen! They are not under any circumstance to see this note. We don’t want them to know our strategies; our underground planning and conspiracies. So here it is: Jesus wants us to love our wives so much that she should be sad(…)