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Greg Bahnsen and his Adversaries

I find this paragraph from David Bahnsen–Dr. Bahnsen’s son– fascinating: Greg Bahnsen was a person who had very, very few enemies in the unsaved world. Then correspondence between dad and Gordon Stein may have been an exception, but the treatment he received from scores and scores of ideological opponents on the OTHER side of the(…)

Abortion’s Shifting Strategy

My associate pastor has a great post on how the abortion philosophy has changed. Here is his conclusion: This was a bridge too far, and proponents of abortion set their argument for abortion on a new moral foundation. Abortion is good, and it is good in and of itself. The killing of your child is(…)

Ten Quotes from Thomas Brooks’ Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices

Cross providences are sent by God to work some noble good for saints. A saint conflicts against sin universally, the least sin as well as the greatest. Christ, the Scripture, your own hearts, and Satan’s devices, are the four prime things that should be first and most studied and searched. If any cast off the(…)

Christmas Trees and Mary the Crusher

Two great posts over at Kuyperian Commentary related to this Season:   The first by Bill Smith focuses on the imagery of Mary as the head-crusher.   The second by Gary Demar answers the question some raise this time of the year about whether Christmas trees are of pagan origin.

Kevin Hart’s Desecration of the gods

To step outside of the politically correct sphere is becoming a gigantic threat to anyone who dares touch on the ideological latitudinous of celebrity culture. Whether one uses humor or shares his convictions about a topic, if he touches on the sacrament of ungodly sexuality, his career suffers a thousand deaths. Actor and comedian Kevin(…)

Don’t Jump into the Darkness

Many of us grew up in environments where extra-biblical requirements were given as a way to please God. Now, no one in their right minds would assert that these were meritorious, but the end result of not doing x, y, or z inevitably led to guilt and fear. “Did I read my Bible this morning?(…)