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Preparing for Worship: Yes, we are our brothers’ keeper, Genesis 4

In Genesis 4, Adam and Eve bore Cain and Abel. Cain was a worker of the ground and Abel was a keeper of sheep. You know the story quite well. Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden. They were starting life anew outside of God’s covenanted garden. Everything was going to be difficult.(…)

When the Grass is not Greener

On Instagram you have the ability to add color effects to your pictures, thus making each picture fit a particular style of beauty. The grass looks greener on the other side of an Instagram picture. We generally see people and their backgrounds and assume things are well or that they have at least a healthy(…)

What does it mean to believe in the Holy Spirit?

The role of the Spirit has long puzzled the evangelical mind. For some, being “led by the Spirit means being led by some inner impulse rather than by the Spirit’s testimony to the written Word of God.” After all, who is going to argue when someone says, “The Spirit spoke to me?” This generally becomes(…)

Preparing our Hearts: Stop Hiding, Genesis 3

In Genesis 3, Adam failed to protect this proto-sanctuary called Eden. He took of the fruit that his wife gave him and ate it with gusto. Genesis 3 says, “Then the eyes of both were opened.” But this is one of those rare cases where opening your eyes is actually a bad thing. When their(…)

Left Over Food

A parishioner, Ben Calisch, made a helpful connection between two narratives. The first is from Ruth’s account. Ruth 2 where we read: So she sat down beside the harvesters, and he handed her some roasted grain, which she ate until she was satisfied. She kept what was left over. Ruth receives abundant kindness. She is filled(…)

Subtle Idols

The reason we yield to idolatry in our own lives is not because we find idols attractive. God says that they can’t speak, hear, see, and lack strength (Ps. 115). No one becomes an overnight idolater. Idols are subtle in their deception. They offer a cheap alternative to the God of Israel. It is much(…)