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“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” Exhortation for First Sunday in Advent

Advent! The arrival of a notable person! The coming of a life changing event! In theology, we speak of the Advent of Jesus to refer to two events: first, the coming of Jesus in his birth and second, the coming of Jesus at the end of history. Either way, we retell the story of the(…)

Advent Recapitulation, Eucharist Meditation

This morning though we recapitulate the Advent story, we do not live this Advent story as those in the first century. In that time, their expectation was filled with the sorrow of an old world and covenant. Today, we expect in this season with new eyes; the eyes of a people who have seen the(…)

Sing, People!

Post-Election Commentary: Peter Leithart: “Sing!” Trump shattered America. The Clintons are history. Bushian adventurism was thrashed. Obamacare is in trouble, trade treaties on the ropes, and immigration reform on the front burner. The commentariat is speechless, the taboos of political correctness transgressed. The shock is that so much crumbled so easily. Who knew the establishment(…)

Ten Lessons from the Trump Victory

Ten lessons from Trump’s victory tonight:   1) The messianic nature of Obama’s administration is over. He could not convert the nation. Barack Obama’s charisma did not translate into a national movement in favor of liberal policies neither did his campaigning on behalf of Hillary accomplish what Democrats expected. Further, the Bernie Sanders “revolution” was(…)

Angst in America’s Adolescents

Time Magazine’s new edition entitled: “Anxiety, Depression and the American Adolescent” is a fascinating journey through the angst of this millennial generation. While they are easily stereo-typed as undisciplined and shallow, the story and the psychology behind it are rather complex. The author offers solutions, even helpful ones, but forgets the centrality of internalized religion(…)

Redeemed but not Delivered

We need to pause and contemplate that there is a difference between being delivered and redeemed. We may pray for God to physically deliver us (as the Psalmist does), but the reality is He may simply choose not to do so. Redemption, however, is a sure thing. “Redeem us, O Lord,” should be a constant(…)