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Loving our Wives like good Chestertonians

This is a note for the guys. Just guys. Keep your wives away, gentlemen! They are not under any circumstance to see this note. We don’t want them to know our strategies; our underground planning and conspiracies. So here it is: Jesus wants us to love our wives so much that she should be sad(…)

Covered you with Silk

There is an image in Ezekiel 16 that we all should remember as we begin a new day. The language recalls the faithlessness of God’s people throughout redemptive history. In fact, the imagery is quite explicit because the depths of depravity is explicit. In the midst of this expose of our fallenness and propensity to(…)

Sanctification Romanticized?

When we talk about growing in Christ it’s important not to romanticize the process or assume it is merely a matter of attitude change. We need to stress the need to be sanctified, but then carefully nuance it. Ed Welch says it best: “Sanctification is like a clumsy, slow walk rather than a light switch(…)

Talking Past Each Other

The “talking past each other” problem is a very real one. I don’t think individuals or groups choose to talk past each other. Everyone in his right mind wishes to communicate clearly his frustrations, concerns, and arguments. Yet we are hindered by our inability to see others as image-bearers worthy of speaking into our lives.(…)

Quick Update on My Brazil Visit

It’s been a busy and fruitful time in my home country. The small congregation we planted last year continues to thrive with great exceeding joy. In fact, my first few days in Brazil reminds me that God is working his plans with a subversive genius. He is toppling down evil with a few bold and(…)

Eschatology Forms Your Theology of the Present

When I was younger, fascination with how the world was going to end was an all-consuming passion. I read the books, marked the proof-texts, speculated alongside Bible prophecy “experts,” and proclaimed the Gospel that the “end is near.” Almost 20 years have gone by since I left that world. What fascinates me today is not(…)