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Dividing Old and New

We must confess the truthfulness that evangelicalism has turned the Old Testament pages into a series of unconnected moralistic stories. This reminds me of a lecture delivered by R.C. Sproul one time where he asked for a copy of the Bible. A young college student threw a copy of the New Testament Pocket-Size Bible to(…)

Dwelling with the Finite

I have been reading John Jefferson Davis’ book “Worship and the Reality of God.” It’s what I expect from good books. There is philosophy, theology, experience, and good exegesis. Then in the middle of it, I was confronted by this simple, rich-filled truth. Davis writes: “God not only loves his people; he likes them and(…)

Keep Hugging

Christians, of whatever persuasion, ought to bring their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. All parents should have a covenant awareness of their tasks. They need to remember the promises of God to their children each day. They need to whisper those promises when they rise up and when they lie down(…)

Where is the Lamb?

Where is the lamb? God will provide. Unblemished. Set aside. On the LORD’s Passover, The firstborn will die. The terror of Egypt, The blood of life. Then the Lamb shall be led, To the slaughter-place in our stead. Bruised and crushed he shall be, to cover transgressions for you and me. Behold the Lamb! John(…)

Gratitude and Education

As a new school year begins I want to ask God’s blessings and favor on my friends who are instructors whether in the classroom or at home. Perhaps a good subtle encouragement may come from the lips of our rotund friend, G.K. Chesterton, who once wrote: “When it comes to life the critical thing is(…)

Play time

My home office is loads of fun, distractions, and opportunities to learn. If I remove my fancy Noise Cancellation Headset (thank you Providence Church), I get to hear regular conversations in the backyard from my four children. They talk, play, argue, debate the virtues of worms, and sing hymns. It’s really entertaining! As the kids(…)