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Merry Epiphany!

As the season of Epiphany unfolds before us, we need to be reminded that Epiphany has every potential to be as merry as Christmas! Though the parties are not as many, the gifts still appear. Jesus receives gifts from the nations, represented by the magi, and in turn he gives himself to the nations. For(…)

Theologizing at Home

Some of the richest theological interactions a man can have happen at home with his children and wife. If he eats with his family a theology of gratitude is heard; if he leads his family in worship a theology of communion is engaged; if he disciplines his children a theology of order is exercised; if(…)

Doubting the Love of God?

A new year is upon us! The time of new beginnings is here. As we reflect on the year past, what lessons have we learned? I believe in new resolutions on January 1st as I believe them on March 26th. Why? Because the Christian life is immersed in repentance and new beginnings. You cannot have(…)

Eight Reasons Why Worship Must Be Hard Work

From Couch to Warfare There is a great app called Couch to 5K. It’s designed for people who have become comfortable with the couch and have an allergy to the treadmill. It’s an incremental approach to working out. As the weeks go by we become more accustomed to the patterns established and we long to achieve the(…)

How to Come to Worship? Resurrection Audio, #1

Resurrectio audio are short (less than five minutes) audio lessons to encourage the Christian in his worship and walk.  

10 Questions Every Preacher Should Consider Before Preaching on Sunday

I have been a pastor for almost a decade. I spend between 12-15 hours each week thinking, researching, and writing before I deliver the first words in my Sunday sermon. The process of writing my sermon goes through a lengthy journey each week.  I contemplate several questions from Monday to Friday which force me to(…)