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Confession and Sacrifice: A Communion Meditation

The time was nearing the confession of sins in church. The young lady filled with pride said to herself: “I don’t need to confess anything, so I will just mumble through these words.” After the confession, the people arose, and the minister said: “Your sins are forgiven!” The young lady said to herself: “I don’t(…)

“I do not want to be noticed”

One of the most interesting comments I have heard from visitors over the years came from a young man in his 20’s. After he attended our church for a couple of weeks, he came to me after church and said, “I am going to look for another church.” Sheepishly, I asked why. He said, “I(…)

Nordic states and the Left

This piece from Kevin Williamson is a clear picture of how the left deceives itself in their interpretation of so-called socialist expressions: The American Left doesn’t seem to follow very closely the Nordic states it claims to admire. Beginning in 1991, Sweden embarked on a decades-long campaign of privatization and reform that made the scholars(…)

Love Suffers Long

One day a child came to her mother and said, “Mom, I simply don’t love my brother.” The mother—who generally knows all things and heard the two arguing earlier–looked at her daughter and said, “Sweetheart, you are confusing your lack of love with one behavior you didn’t like from your brother. But love is long-suffering.(…)

CREC Statement on Sexuality

CREC Statement on Sexuality July 16, 2018 The CREC affirms the Bible’s teaching on the creation of man and woman and the establishment of the marriage relationship as only between one man and one woman. There are two sexes, male and female. We stand against all attempts to confuse the Bible’s clear teaching in this(…)

Handout for Lecture on the New Heavens and Earth with Dr. Steve Jeffery

Download the handout Heaven, Pensacola – Handout – letter, cut final appendix