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My Regrets

Piper’s words on the professionalization of the pastor are striking. In his revised edition of Brothers we are not Professionals, he details his pastoral regrets. He wrote these convicting words: When I look back, my regret is not that I wasn’t more professional but that I wasn’t more prayerful, more passionate for souls, more consistent in(…)

Keep Wasting Your Time

There is a marvelous phrase used by the inimitable Marva Dawn. She says that worship is a “royal waste of time.” Of course, she is not referring to worship being purposeless, she is speaking of worship as something we do as a way of losing our lives (Mat. 10:39). Worship is royal because it invites(…)

Repent of your Preferences

Worship is not a matter of personal taste, convenience and comfort. This is one reason parishioners stay in a church on average of 3.3 years. When we gather on Sunday, we need a God who challenges our taste and comfort. We need God to shake us out of this societal sloth and sleep walking and(…)

5 Questions to Ask our Children

I believe the heart of our children is conquered by continual exploration of their thinking. For this reason, I think it’s crucial to ask them an eclectic set of questions. Here are five that I have used when I take my children out for a walk or ice cream: a) What do you most enjoy(…)

Male Headship for Dummies

I believe in male headship. I believe that the Church’s historical position and the abundant biblical record make clear that the clergy is a calling for male leadership alone. I believe women ought to submit to their husbands. I believe feminism pre-1960 and post-2017 are absurdly wrong-headed. But I also believe a man should listen(…)

Little Replicas of Parish Life

Our children tend to become little replicas of our parish life. When we speak poorly of fellow Christians in the Church, they tend to do the same as they get older. When we attend church irregularly, they will follow suit. When we act with inconsistent hearts towards the Gospel, they rarely get a taste of(…)