A Letter to a College Student Struggling with his Faith

Dear college student,

College is an amazing experience! I confirmed my calling, found a wife, and grew immensely in my faith. I call that a win-win-win. But for you, the experience has been far short of compelling and satisfying. It seems your faith is taking one step forward and two steps back. If this pattern continues, it seems almost certain that you will want nothing to do with the Jesus you grew up with and heard from the pulpit every Sunday. In fact, there are times when you seem to speed up the process to apostasy.

I have a great fear that your ears are only open for the business of the wicked, and your tongue is desperately seeking to imitate the scornful. Your experience is not uncommon. I have seen too many young people go to college and never return to the Church again. But I expect more from you. The seduction of that nominal Christian or that open atheist may be great, but your God is greater. Don’t let empty philosophies take you away from the empty tomb. At this stage, you need a dose of warnings. The road you are going may seem flowery, but there are hidden land mines and inconspicuous deep pits dug to trap you. Take the other road: the one that is unmistakably clear. That’s the road to true joy.

It will be good to see you this summer. The cold brew at the new coffee shop is the talk of all the coffee aficionados. Some trick about straining twice through a coffee filter or using a sieve lined with cheesecloth…anyway, it’s very tasty. We need to keep talking. Your faith is too important and your life is too precious.

Yours truly,
Pastor Brito

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