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PodCast Mania

I must confess that downloading Podcast is my newest addiction. I have a list of at least three of them that I listen to almost daily. Whether it be during my workout or during work, it is in my estimation the most profitable use of my time. Gary North always said that “Time well spent is time well listened.” I have sought to follow that economic principle. To your everlasting benefit I will list a few podcasting programs that will revolutionize your time and your days. Can you tell my enthusiasm?
Rushdoony Podcast  Rushdoony is a prophet! These 5-minute programs were given long ago, but are still timeless in their application. These are issues involving government, church, and family.
Mars Hill PodCast  In the words of Peter Leithart:

Occasionally, I run into people who have never heard of Ken Myers and his Mars Hill Audio ministry. What a tragedy, I think. In case you happen to be one of the darkened multitude, Myers is one of the best-informed Christian cultural commentators of our time, and his audio magazine and other interviews provide some of the most insightful cultural analysis you can find.

The American View These guys are sometimes hysterical, witty, a bit too harsh, but in the end an extremely helpful approach to American politics. They truly seek to bring our attention to a Christian approach to politics and everything else. For those not familiar with these guys, let’s just say they are not too fond of the Republican party. Be Warned!