Communion Meditation

Communion Meditation: Heavenly Invasion

Brothers and Sisters, the Church is God’s society among human societies. It is a heavenly city invading the earthly city. The world does not want this invasion, but Heaven wants this invasion. The incarnation makes this territorial conflict inevitable and Jesus’ Ascension makes this territorial conflict a heavenly victory. The world will combat this invasion. They will set up evil institutions to train an army of heaven haters. They will tell us false stories. They will teach you to embrace their symbols. They will establish their own unrighteous laws, and they will even have their own rituals. They will do everything to un-do the heavenly influence upon earth. They will do everything to un-do our prayer, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But into this world of un-heavenly stories, God will introduce His story. Into a world of books, God comes with His own library; into a world of symbols and rituals and sacrificial meals, God builds a Church organized by a ritual bath and a feast of bread and wine…in a world where communities are formed on the basis of un-heavenly assumptions, God will gather a community to produce the aroma of Christ in their life together.”[1] This morning we feast once more in this new formed community. Let us come to the Feast!

[1] Some thoughts from Leithart’s “Against Christianity.”

Communion Meditation: Strengthened at the Table

Brothers and Sisters, we know that following the great shepherd is our greatest joy. It is not burdensome, but it is light. Our desire to follow after our great shepherd would be useless, unless the Great Shepherd provide food and drink for us. Unless He provides a means of grace; a meal in which we would be strengthened to live holy lives. This is the meal God provides for us at this table; a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Come and be strengthened now!

Communion Meditation: Eating Around the Right Fire

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus asked the disciples if they had any fish? Any food? Yet unsure of their vocations, they answered “No.” But after eating with Jesus, they knew that they would never answer “No” again. This morning we have food and we have drink. We are eating with Jesus in the community of the righteous, warmed by His Pentecostal fire, and served, so we may lead our vocations knowing that our labors in the Lord are not in vain.

Communion Meditation: The Good Shepherd

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus says that my sheep hear my voice and he calls us by name. The good shepherd cares for His sheep. The good shepherd always comforts His sheep with His presence. In the presence of turmoil, doubt, and weeping, Jesus calls you by Name. When Mary did not know what her future would look like after the death of her Lord, Jesus calls her by name, and only then does she know that her Shepherd is there and He will provide and care for her.

Christian, this morning you come to this Table, because Christ called you by name. He called you individually and corporately. He called you to come to this Table, so you may know that all is right. The Shepherd is in perfect control of the future. Be comforted, He is risen!

Communion Meditation: Resurrection Reality

Brothers and Sisters, embracing the reality of the resurrection means embracing the new world. There are times when we become skeptical, like the women in Luke, about what God is working in the world. As we read in Ecclesiastes, we are not in control of our lives. God is the one who determines and Who directs our steps. But at this table, we do not come with skepticism; we come with assurance that God has directed us to His House to eat of His food. This is the meal of the resurrection. Come and eat.

Communion Meditation: The Strangeness of the Eucharist

Brothers and sisters, what we are about to do is strange, different, other-wordly to the unbeliever, but for us it is common, simple, and edifying. It is the very heart of our faith; it is communion in the body; it is a part of our worship. Just as we know when we awake each morning that we must eat, we know that when we meet as a body we must eat also. In fact, we know that without this meal worship would appear strange and incomplete to us. But thanks be to God He has provided for us a meal in the presence of our enemies. And as they watch from the outside, and perhaps at times from the inside, they will continue to wonder why do those baptized people eat and drink each week? By God’s grace one day they will no longer wonder, and they will join us at this great feast. Let us partake of the meal God provides for us.

Communion Meditation: Sacramental Prophecy

Brothers and sisters, God is among us as we eat and drink with His beloved Son. The gospel heard and now the gospel eaten. Herein in is prophecy and truth, that Christ has provided eternal food and drink for his people so they may never hunger or thirst. We, who have already fallen on our faces before God and worship Him now feast with Him. We who have died with Christ have also been raised with Him. So this meal is for the church, but it is a prophetic meal to the world. When we eat we say to the unbelieving world that only here can you find the Christ who satisfies your hunger and when we drink we say that only here can you find the Christ who satisfies your thirst. Amen.

Communion Meditation: Ambassadors of the Completed Word

Brothers and sisters, bread and wine is here for us. Now that the Word of God, the perfect has come, we have the fullness of truth. But the same Word calls us to celebrate this meal. The Gospel has been heard and now at this table, the Gospel is eaten and drunk, so that we become what we eat and drink; food for the world and shalom for the world. We become gospel to the world around us, and so fulfilling the purpose of the written Word. So come and eat, and become ambassadors of this completed Word.

Communion Exhortation: Embracing the Future in the Present

Brothers and sisters, last week we spoke about the work of the Spirit in the sacrament of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Our Lord Jesus is with us by His Spirit. He is with us to bless us and to nourish us. In one sense, the future is ours in the present.

“We have the Spirit as the “pledge” or “down payment” of our inheritance, the beginning of our inheritance now, and the promise of a full inheritance in the future. And that is the significance of this meal as well. It is a sign that we have already entered into our inheritance, and that the earth and all its fruits belong to us because they belong to Jesus. We are the people of the new exodus, for Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us, and our Father has given us a good land flowing with milk and honey, so that we may eat and drink and rejoice before Him.”[1] Let us do so as people of peace and a people who have embraced the future in the present. Amen.

[1] Leithart.

Communion Meditation: The All Inclusive Party

Brothers and Sisters, baptism is the pre-requisite to this Table. If you are baptized into the Triune Name, we welcome you this morning to partake of this meal. You are members of a new world. Here at Providence we believe that even baptized infants are called to this table. When they are able to eat at the family table at home, we also invite them to eat at the family table at Church. What kind of family would this be without the sounds of little babes? This is an all inclusive party. Young and Old, Spiritually mature and spiritually young, come and taste and see that Yahweh feeds His own.