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Democracy the American Way!

Consider the fact that the US is trying to establish an American version of freedom or democracy in the Middle East. Now, consider the fact that Iraq doesn’t care one bit about subscribing to America’s definition of Democracy. As Richard Pratt asked today in class: “Do you really think that Iraq parents would like their daughters to dress like US girls do?” Further, do we really think Iraq is willing to allow American missionaries to come in their nation and convert their people to the Christianity of the West? After all, for a Muslim, Christianity is America and America is Christianity. And as far as they can tell, they don’t want that form of Christianity nowhere near their children. Well, here’s the deal, plain and simple: Democracy fails under Islam. Dr. Pratt commented briefly on this today, but let me go further than he did. Any form of majority rule (popular voice) in a nation that is led by anti-Trinitarian beliefs leads to tyranny of a satanic form (a little too strong; I don’t think so). As the Psalmist alluded: If there is no foundation, the house (nation) crumbles.The only form of true freedom is when all the peoples of the earth submit to One God, One Lord, One King. Any other form that denies this essential truth is condemned. Remember one thing, Islamic law (Sheri’a) is not desiring freedom for the glory of America, but for the glory of Allah. A Muslim Democracy as Pratt puts it, necessarily means the glory of Islam and allegiance to no other. The issue at hand is spiritual, not mere political though politics must and should be spiritual. Since Bush endorsed the Quaran in his Inauguration speech and logically equated it with the Law and the Beatitudes, then it is fair to conclude that religion is a neutral pursuit and freedom is a universal pursuit no matter if it is pluralistic or not. Jesus’ words of exclusivity did not leave room for this form of thinking.

An Alternative to Democracy

The voice of the people or the voice of God? Contrary to popular enlightened American thinking, vox populi is not the voice of Theos. Believe it or not, it was never intended to be. Society was to be governed by God, not by man. Of course, man will forever be an instrument in the purposes of God in redeeming His people and bringing about peace, righteousness, and judgment upon the nations.

It was the rebellion of the children of Israel and their disobedience to God’s Covenant faithfulness that led them to seek for a finite human to rule over them rather than an infinite God to guide them. Israel’s failure is not similar but identical to the church’s failure today. It is important to notice that God’s intention in the Older and New Covenant is that not only His people, but all– both Jew and Gentile– follow his rule and authority. The right of rulership is already established. The King of Kings has assumed His righteous throne. He is seated at the right hand of the Father and the Father has promised to give unto him an inheritance – the nations (Psalm 2). His kingdom comes because of His own merit, not by popular vote. In the words of St.Paul: “He shall reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet (I Cor. 15:25).”