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Library Lounging

A beautiful day here in Orlando. While my wife attended a Bible Study, I spent a considerable amount of time in the local library. What a treasure! I bought 8 books for $7. I read another 40 pages of Murray’s Principles of Conduct, which is a masterpiece. I do not agree with his reassessment of the death penalty for certain crimes in the New Covenant era, but nevertheless he makes some valid points overall.

Embracing my seminary challenges one day at a time…

Seminary has a tendency to break our faith into a million pieces and putting them back together can be more challenging than seminary itself. This is my third year of battle here at RTS and after this war is over I am going to enter another battle and I assume I will always be in one battle or another until death does me part (pun intended). Greek II has me reconsidering the significance of pastoring one day. If as Dr. Mark Futato has said: ” Reading a translation is like kissing a bride through a veil,” then there will need to be a passionate commitment to study the languages now and time to come. John Frame is once again framing my theological commitments by stressing that our thoughts and even pattern of thought need to be affected by our worldview, which is a gift from God (Eph.2:8-9). The old gospel song, “One day at a time sweet Jesus…” comes pressing the undeniable Christus’ line: “Do not worry about tomorrow, for sufficient is this day.”

I am back!

After three fabulous weeks in Brazil, my wife and I have returned to Florida. Currently, we’re enjoying a few days with a cousin in Miami as we await Saturday’s match between Brazil and France.

Traveling to Brazil in a week…

My wife and I will be going to Brazil in one week. We will be primarily visiting family, but I have been invited to speak a couple of times in a Baptist church in the northern part of the country. Pray that God will grant me wisdom in ministering to a nation deprived of theological training. And if you still would like another prayer request, then pray for Brazil’s sixth World Cup Championship this year.

Seminary in the 9th inning

It is remarkable indeed how ferocious the end of a semester can come upon you. In two weeks I will have concluded my third semester at RTS/Orlando. In order to ease the overwhelming tension of book reading, note-taking, and more book reading, I thought I would diminish my depressive tendencies and buy a few books, well, maybe quite a few books. Among them, one of my favorite classics by Leithart and a host of other “essential” goodies for my ever growing library.

As the year ends, we celebrate the Advent of our Lord. It is the beginning of all things. All of history climaxes in the Advent. It is beyond comprehension how the unborn Jesus in the incarnation in his mother’s womb never ceased to uphold the world. Christ has come on behalf of His Father to bring the world to Himself. Amen