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To Curse or not to Curse…follow-up comments.

Due to the article’s length I have not received as much feedback as I expected, neverthless, the 5-7 comments I have received were very thoughtful. Not all agreed as I expected, but some were thankful for my contribution in this area. Due to some of the comments I have received I will be making some corrections on my paper in order to have a more cogent argumentation. I have added a necessary first paragraph and a few sentences to help connect the thought-process. This article was intended to be a supplement to the a lecture I delivered at the church I attend on the Third Commandment. The Article is found here.

Getting Overwhelmed…

Tomorrow I have a debate in my history class on the nature of Islam. I will be defending the proposition that Islam is inherently violent. It is a 25 minute presentation and then a Q&A. I have spent a substantial amount of time working on it, but not as in-depth as I would like. Of course, Islam is almost as diverse as Christianity in terms of different sects.

Coming up I also have a 15 page paper on Baptism in the Early Church. I am not quite sure what route I will take. I have considered doing an analysis of the east vs. west view on baptism in the first four centuries of the church. I was inspired after reading a paper Greg Johnson did on a similar topic at Covenant Seminary.

I also have about 100 pages to read from Robert Raymond’s Systematic Theology and compare his view on the order of salvation with Sinclair Ferguson’s view, which he espoused in his book The Holy Spirit. With all that in mind, as time permits I wish to post some of my research for your benefit.