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Glenn Beck moving to Fox…

One of the more sane voices in the neo-con radio waves is Glenn Beck. His contributions to CNN often brought a more libertarianesque voice amidst the mostly liberal and few neo-conservative voices at CNN. I am inclined to think that Ron Paul has deeply influenced Glenn at many levels, particularly when it comes to the Federal Reserve and fiat printing of dollars. It is even possible that his hawkish ideas may be softening a bit. He has also been critical of the bailout (s) and the stimulus/government welfare checks. It is a shame that his voice will no longer be considered as relevant after he moves over to Fox. He will be lumped in with all the other big government neo-cons. On the bright side, he may have Ron Paul pay Fox a visit more often. Fox could use a good dose of sanity these days. After all, Andrew Napolitano needs a few more constitutional friends.

Monks Turning to Christ

Phil Ryken reports:

In a March 18 report, Christian Aid reports that nearly 5000 Buddhist monks (location undisclosed) have recently turned to Christ.  A worker reports: “It appears that the Holy Spirit had urged these monks and nuns to call our evangelists to come and share the gospel of hope and love. After several intense discussions, close to 80 percent of the monks present in each of the monasteries raised their hands to accept Christ, and then kneeled down to pray and receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

Christian Aid reports that baptisms are being quietly performed, for the safety of both the monks and the evangelists.

The Death of a conservative agnostic

dr__friedman_an_evolutionist_with___valu.jpgMilton Friedman died a few days ago. He was 94 years old. His death probably did not make much news. Constitutional Libertarians like myself find Friedman’s  writing on education partly compelling (in my opinion he failed to see the immoral and unconstitutional nature of public education) and his overall economic theories were devastating to the old Socialists and neo-Socialists running this country. Like him I repudiate the Big Government Republicrats and Demoblicans. Friedman believed that when absolute authority rested on the government our basic liberties would be stolen.

He defended the freek market economy like no one else. His ability to communicate was phenomenal. He took the complicated and made it simple. Nevertheless, Friedman was a self-proclaimed agnostic as his correspondence with John Lofton demonstrates. This has been the demise of most Libertarians in the past 50 years or more. They are in the words of Bob Enyart “immoral conservatives.” They desire a limited government and a free market economy, while at the same time favoring the legalization of prostitution, legalizing same-sex marriage, murdering the unborn child and all other sorts of promiscuous acts that clearly defy God’s eternal laws. Only a consistent Christian worldview can answer societal’s major ills. Friedman answered the procedural questions correctly (How much power?), but on the most fundamental “Who is Jesus?” question, he failed eternally.

Prophets of Catastrophes and the Bishop of Canterbury

The New York Times had an article on the “blog wars” over the Tsunami disaster, which has now taken over 150,000 lives and expecting to recover perhaps double that number. The blog wars center on the reasons for the earthquake. Some in the D.U. (Democratic Underground) blogs even blamed the war in Iraq for the disaster. “Well, America is using tons of bombs over there and you can expect something of that nature to occur when our world is continually being bombed.” I don’t think I need to make any intelligent observations on this comment. But my main concern today is over the many prophetic voices rising up in the evangelical community with the last voice on the matter. As if they were saying: “See, I told you so!”

Several days ago I posted a few comments on biblical sobriety in times of disasters. It seems sobriety is almost impossible in these times. Christians are claiming divers’ visions and warning the community that Christ will return at any moment. As I bluntly told a friend of mine recently, when you find one Christian having visions about earthquakes and catastrophes, you will find another religious man making similar claim. Well, at least here is one proof of that from the New York Times’ article:

Norodom Sihanouk, the former king of Cambodia, posted a message in French to his Web site,, saying that an astrologer had warned him that an “ultra-catastrophic cataclysm” would strike the region, but Cambodia would be undamaged if the proper rituals were observed. King Sihanouk said that the thousands of dollars he spent on the ceremonies protected his nation from the disaster, and that he would donate $15,000 to disaster relief.

This morning on the Pat Campbell show (a Florida radio program) I first heard of the Bishop of Canterbury Rowan William’s remarks. He said that the: “The tsunami disaster in Asia begs the question why we believe in God, The Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the worldwide Anglican church, admitted.” He goes on to say that: “The question: ‘How can you believe in a God who permits suffering on this scale?’ is therefore very much around the moment, and it would be surprising if it weren’t, indeed, it would be wrong if it weren’t.” Though many who called in the program gave foolish answers such as “God had nothing to do with this,” others were helpful in observing that the way one views God will in essence answer the problem of evil that the Archbishop raises.

Gary Demar wrote a few days ago that this is not the biggest earthquake in history. In fact, earthquakes were occurring even in the first century. I will not attempt to give my explanation of theodicy since philosophers have already covered that sphere. However, I will make at least two bold comments that may spark some reaction. The first comment is that only a Calvinistic worldview can answer these questions adequately. Only a “sovereignty view” of life can enable Christians to see this tragedy as a reminder from God that He is still in control of the cosmos. Calvinism alone can explain that these events are not the product of chance or man-caused accidents, but they come directly from God’s supreme power over creation. Secondly, as covenant-breakers throughout history have been cursed by God, covenant breakers today will be cursed as well. In Thailand where child prostitution is the trademark of that nation; in Indonesia where most terrorists find refuge; I think these are a few of many reasons why God would cause such destruction.

For the record, has any one noticed yet that animals were largely spared from these disasters?

As a committed Christian Reformed student, I believe wholeheartedly that God acted purposefully in this dreadful event a week ago.


Scott Peterson is sentenced to death!
As I suspected this would not be an OJ Simpson case. This time justice prevailed, even amidst many setbacks.

A California judge Wednesday sentenced Scott Peterson to die by lethal injection for killing his pregnant wife and her fetus, calling the deaths “cruel, uncaring, heartless and callous.”

San Mateo Superior Court Judge Alfred Delucchi noted that Peterson’s unborn child never had a chance to draw a breath.

Delucchi made the remarks as he denied an automatic motion to mitigate Peterson’s sentence. The judge also denied a motion filed by defense attorney Mark Geragos seeking a new trial for Peterson.

Wednesday’s sentencing included dramatic moments from the slain woman’s family, who vented their anger at Scott Peterson and his family.