Excessive somberness…

In a common Presbyterian order of worship, the congregation will move from reflection, confession, singing, and hearing. What is consistent about this liturgical movement is the tone of somberness that contextualizes these steps in worship. And when the sermon is over, these steps tend to repeat themselves in the Lord’s Supper and final hymn. The Eucharist becomes a moment of deep confession and self-examination and the final hymn tends to be Cross-centered, which adds another dimension of mourning. My contention is that these movements are excessively somber, not reflecting the triumph of the Resurrection and Exaltation. While parts of the liturgical process must include reflection and self-examination, joy and triumph are to adorn the liturgy of the church. I am advocating a more Resurrection-centered worship. Though our worship reflects Christ’s atoning work, it must reflect with greater emphasis Christ’s present resurrected estate at the right hand of the Father. Death has been defeated; a new age of joy and victory has arrived.

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