Newsletter Updates with Doctoral Progress

For those who have inquired and shown interest in my doctoral work, I have just turned in my last paper for Dr. Sinclair Ferguson’s class. This concludes 3 1/2 years of course work. At this point, I have concluded all the prerequisite classes and papers before I begin working on my project/dissertation in July. As a result, a new stage of writing and reading begins that will hopefully narrow down my topic. My goal is to complete my writing by Advent of 2020. In the meanwhile, I am hoping to establish weekly habits that will allow me to focus on making small, but tangible progress.

To ensure my progress and perseverance, I am starting a newsletter for anyone interested. The newsletter would be composed of monthly updates on my studies, notations, youtube videos, and random scribblings related directly or indirectly to my studies. My general interests, at this stage, focus on pastoral theology and counseling. If you’d like to subscribe, sign up in the link below. Hopefully, I will send out the first newsletter by the end of May. Easter cheers.

Subscribe to Receive Monthly Updates on my Doctoral Studies.

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