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Steps to becoming a better counselor in the Church

In a recent interview, Deepak Reju offered some helpful steps for those who would like to be better equipped to counsel: First, find a discipler and a good, Bible-preaching, gospel-centered church. There is no legitimate substitute for living the Christian life out with a body of committed believers. As you grow and mature in the(…)

How our Reading of the Bible Affects our View of Culture

How we read the Bible speaks volumes about our demeanor towards culture. If I cannot think biblically about any reality or decision-making process I am making myself subservient to extra-biblical authorities. If I am incapable of commencing my thinking biblically I am just as capable of abandoning my Christian categories. It is the great compromise(…)

On Sexual Sins and the Kingdom

The problem with sexual sin is that it changes your desires for the kingdom. Sexual sins change your appetite. Instead of desiring the good, true, and beautiful, it entangles you in a web of idolatry. Our real need as members of Christ’s body is a restoration of a proper view of the body. Sexuality is(…)

Poema 7, King of Glory

King of glory, great in might, humble our hearts by Your infinite light. Call us into Your presence, absolve our sins, consecrate our hearts, and commune within, Send us away with your benediction that we all may see, the glory of Jesus spread from sea to sea.((Other short poems here.))

What Should a Pastor Read?

I am the founder of Kuyperian Commentary. Recently I had a conversation with my friend Dustin Messer on what a pastor should read. Take a listen and subscribe to the podcast. What should a pastor’s reading list and library look like? Should his reading be limited to serious theological tomes and commentaries? In this episode(…)

4 Suggestions to Develop a Singing Culture

I want to suggest the following practical steps to developing a singing culture in the Church: a) When eating together with other families, print some music to sing before a meal. b) Invite people over for a mini-Psalm sing. It takes one person to lead a crowd. If you have a piano or guitar player,(…)