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Anxiety in the Home

The Scriptures warn us that worrying and anxiety are and will be constant temptations in our lives. But for those overcome by such high anxieties and worries, it is not easy to navigate such warnings. “Just trust” and “release your anxiety” can be helpful affirmations, but sometimes do not go to the heart of the(…)

Eating at the Lord’s Table

This morning we come to eat and drink of a meal that is different than any other meal. We may feast at the royal palace or the president’ private dining room, no earthly experience comes near the experience of eating with King Jesus. Jesus is not just here through the process of our memories of(…)

Children’s Church?

Education must be a holistic endeavor. If that’s the case, then our children’s bodies and spirits need to be trained and nurtured. They need training that is intellectually rigorous and emotionally engaging. If you wish to be an unengaged parent, then your home gets the worldview you deserve. But if you see the world with(…)

Children as Distraction

When I was a pastoral intern, I remember someone approaching me after a service and confessing that she simply couldn’t tolerate little children in worship because of their noises. “They were a distraction,” she said angrily. I often think this is the way many evangelicals view children: as distractions. They are distractions at home, so(…)

A Reformation of Sons

We need a new reformation for men. Men in our day are growing older without growing up. Men are forsaking their responsibilities and raising boys that have absolutely no sense of the old Puritan work ethic. Young boys and teenagers amuse themselves to their mental deaths in front of the latest Netflix series. The expectations(…)

Woman as the Glory of Man

Paul calls the woman “the glory of man” (I Cor. 11:7) because it is the order of creation. The woman is the last thing God makes. She is made to complete man; to finish what man starts. And in life, this reflects the fact that men are leaders and women completers. God designed us that(…)