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God’s Surprises

In the midst of our anxieties, depression and angst about the future, we must think with Trinitarian lens because we have a limited focus. We often need to be surprised out of our situation. God is the expert in surprising and re-directing our plans. If you have tasted of the human experience at any level,(…)

Self-Knowledge and Community

God created us with the ability to know ourselves. That knowledge comes first by “contemplating the face of God.” But this contemplation does not come from morbid introspectionism for we are easily self-deceived. We would rather point out the character flaws of others than to insist on our own need to change. And we may(…)

Matthew’s Mountains

The first use of mountain in Matthew is found in chapter four when Satan takes Jesus up on the mountain and offers him all authority if He only bows down and worships him. The last mountain is in Matthew 28 when Jesus gives forth his Great Commission to His disciples on a mountain. Jesus begins on a(…)

Self-Attesting Reality

How we read the Bible speaks volumes about our demeanor towards culture. If we cannot think biblically about any reality or decision-making process we are making ourselves subservient to extra-biblical authorities. If we’re incapable of commencing our thinking biblically we’re just as capable of abandoning our Christian categories. It is the great compromise of our(…)

Seasoned with Salt

Over the years I have heard numerous people who are turned off to the way the Reformers interpret the Bible. The reason for this distaste is that the Reformed advocates they encountered have been either overly aggressive or treated conversations as an arena for rhetorical humiliation. The end result is that years later when they(…)

The Threat of a Chicken Sandwich

Writing for the New Yorker, Dan Piepenbring claims that the presence of Chick-fil-A in New York City is creepy in its “pervasive Christian traditionalism.” He cites the restaurant’s policies on closing on Sundays and its explicit Christian social views. In other words, Chick-fil-A is a symbol of that archaic institution called Christendom. I note these(…)