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What is Manhood?

The articulation of manhood is wrong-headed in much of our culture. The man who makes a good living is providing for his wife, but it does not mean he’s a man of character. We’ve seen our share of professionally successful men who abandon their families. The idea of man as strong and powerful may provide(…)

Homeschooling Rest

Let me address homeschool dads. I am certain what I am about to say applies to other dads in some ways, but my focus is homeschooling fathers. As a homeschooling family, I have a front seat to the remarkable work my wife accomplishes in a solitary day; the ability to navigate, dictate, advocate for the(…)

Breaking Bread by Jonny Cash

Gimme that good ‘ol fashioned socialism

I find myself somewhat disconcerted knowing that millennials in this country want a system of government that I grew up with in Brazil. It’s a bizarre phenomenon. Let me tell you that apart from the utopian sentiments of a government-controlled system and the supposed glories it will bring, the harsh reality is that it produces(…)

Honoring the Childless Women in the Church

I do wish to rightly honor mothers tomorrow, but for now, I want to address those who would love to bear children but are not able to do so, though in so many ways they have been fruitful and multiplied by pouring themselves into the lives of countless people. I honor the Jane Austens’ and(…)

Kuyper and Lordship, Episode 3