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Matters of the Heart

It needs to be stressed that our goal is not well-behaved children, but godly children. Godliness produces biblical joy and spontaneous smiles through life. There is a certain kind of well-behaved child that displays every sign of life but lack genuine interest in life. They smile at the mechanics of day-to-day interactions but within express(…)

The Meaning of Lent

What is Lent? we may ask. Every year as we enter into this season, we need to look at it afresh. It’s a season of profound healing to many; a season filled with echoes of forgiveness. Lent is the penitential season of the Church. Lent is the purple of royalty. Lent is the desert before(…)

Exhortation for Communion

This table means that help has come; that we are not left to wander alone in agony and grief, but that Christ has provided a rich banquet for his people. The evil of Adam’s banquet is replaced with the good food of Christ’s accomplishments. In him we have freedom from bondage and deliverance through his(…)

Poetry and the Birmingham Jail

Poetic preaching filled with the romance of the biblical text has been substituted for laborious lectures fixed on the iotas of the larger story while losing the story itself. As one who speaks for a living, I ask one simple thing of other speakers: “Does the speaker draw me into the truth he is proclaiming?”(…)

Wine Tasting Prayer

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Holy God, we celebrate the conclusion of another Christmas season. We thank you for these twelve days which cannot begin to exhaust the inexhaustible gift of the Virgin Birth of the World’s Messiah. We thank you that even now the(…)

Bathing Resolutions

If these resolutions have any chance of surviving beyond January, it needs to be bathed in the sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus needs to be king over our resolutions. Our desire to do that which is good needs to be first and foremost a desire to do what is good for the kingdom. As we end(…)