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Five Ways to Apply Community

“Yes, I am convinced of the necessity of community. What do I do now?” If you’ve been aloof to the idea and are now prepared to engage this new world, you need to begin thinking carefully about incorporating community into your calendar. To do so, you need to budget your time. Community is intentional, which(…)

What do you most love? Community or Self?

When we lose our love for the body, we replace it with ideological or technological addictions. For example, men who in their 20’s & 30’s engage in long cycles of gaming or gambling are substituting the community for a self-created reality. This engagement leads to aloneness which is a consequence of neglecting the gathered assembly(…)

Father Famine

There is a hunger out there. It is not a hunger for food, money, power; it is a hunger for fathers. This is what Douglas Wilson referred to as Father Hunger. Sons and daughters are craving for them. Where are these fathers today? They are nowhere to be found. We can find their shell in(…)

Jubilate Deo Summer Camp in Monroe, LA

I will be involved with this fine work in Monroe in a week or so. Check them out!

Community Messiness

Community life is messy. Doing life together can be a challenge. There are people who have never tasted of a healthy community and so the very idea of being and existing with a group of people with whom you are united in Christ may sound daunting. But yet, it’s our role and duty and the(…)

Community and Isolation

Our tendency to isolate ourselves is grounded in several factors, but one reason we usually avoid the company of fellow brothers and sisters stems from a stream of endless hypothetical situations about what might happen should I actively pursue community. “But what if they see me as I really am?” “What if they perceive me(…)