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The Danger of High Standards

Demanding high standards for our children is a noble thing. Demanding high standards while frustrating them in the process is foolish. In other words, our high standards need to be loving standards. We need to allow love to cover a multitude of sins lest we sin attempting to love. In parenting, we need a healthy(…)

Theology is not contrary to love, Episode 2

John Frame Retires: Three Lessons I’ve Learned From Him

Today one of the five most influential living theologians in my life retires. I had the joy of studying under John Frame and to spend some additional time with him on an independent study on the theology of Abraham Kuyper. Here are three brief lessons I’ve gained from Professor Frame: 1) The importance of persuasion:(…)

Introduction, Theology is Applied

Five Practices I Expect From My Boys

Five Practices I hope my boys will exercise now and mature into as they get older: 1) Cook/Clean: I want them to be able to provide consistent opportunities for their wives/moms to rest from their labors. 2) Respect women: Treating ladies with utmost respect in word and deed (opening doors, speaking kindly, honoring them before(…)

Christian Rituals

There is no magic. Life is about rituals. Therefore, we need to build rituals. We need to establish rituals that change not only who we are, but who we wish to be. Christian formation is grounded in rituals: intentional and achievable patterns. These patterns need to provide a sustainable rhythm day after day. What rhythms(…)