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Holy Complaint

There is a sort of holy complaint to God (Ps. 142:1-2). In fact, God calls us to complain; to plead our cause. Not all complaining is created equal. But there is a kind of complaint that is both defiant and dangerous. Complaint can be defiant when we treat God like a magic genie. But God(…)

We Need a Resurrected Messiah!

The practice of Easter is where our Christian faith shines the most. Contrary to popular teachers, the Christian faith does not eliminate your problems, it gives you the wisdom to deal with them. This wisdom is found in a glorified Messiah. You and I need a resurrected Christ to help us; a dead Christ can’t(…)

Where is the fear of God?

R.C. Sproul’s greatest contributions in my estimation are his works on worship. I’ve encouraged many people to read through his excellent little book, A Taste of Heaven. He observes the disjointed view people have when they separate God’s demand for reverence in the Old and his demand in the New: One aspect of the modern church(…)

The Regulative Principle and Strange Fire

The Regulative Principle of worship in its strictest form–“whatever is not commanded is forbidden”–has been argued by Puritans from texts like Leviticus 10. But does the Nadab and Abihu incident actually make the case for the RPW? Peter Leithart argues persuasively for a more wisdom principle of the RPW: The sin of Nadab and Abihu(…)

Van Til Quoted in the New York Times

Owen Strachan responds to Molly Worthen’s piece at the New York Times. Here is Strachan’s conclusion: No, it is not Cornelius Van Til who is to blame for our modern breakup. It is not Carl Henry. It is not Francis Schaeffer. It is not Chuck Colson. It is not Al Mohler (mocked in a prior profile(…)

James Jordan on Calvin’s Weekly Observance of the Sacraments

James Jordan summarizes the consequences of weekly communion: Calvin desired greatly that the rite of the Lord’s Supper be present each week in worship, and that the thankfulness highlighted in worship be extended into all labor. In this way, the principles of the Kingdom would flow from worship into the highways and byways of all of(…)