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Notes on Education: Public Schools

I am part of a denomination that treasures Christian education (see CREC Memorial in the bottom). I don’t think we win the cultural and ideological wars by allowing unbelievers to indoctrinate our children. Not only is this clearly commanded in the Scriptures, but a consistent view of the world demands it. After all, neutrality is(…)

Brief Notes on Children’s Education: On Boundaries

Developing a robust view of the world in our children demands boundaries. Therefore, defining these boundaries are crucial educational steps in the early stages of child-rearing. The absence of boundaries generally produces confused children. We may call this “Enlightenment Parenting.” The children of the enlightenment will jump in the first puddle they find. Whether shallow(…)

Education as a Holistic Endeavor

Education must be a holistic endeavor. If that’s the case, then our children’s bodies and spirits need to be trained to love the world through Christian lenses. If you wish to be merely an unengaged parent, then your home gets the worldview you deserve. But if you see the world with intentional biblical eyes, your(…)

Fetal Worldview

I accompanied my wife to the doctor to hear our baby’s heartbeat. It was a magical moment. This is our fifth child and I am still amazed by it each time I hear the sound of life. I was reminded that our child’s worldview does not begin to be formed when he is born into(…)

The Pain of Charlottesville Reveals an Act of False Worship

You are what you worship. What happened in Charlottesville is a theological reaction against true worship. Racism and violence come from a people who have created a god in their own image. The god they created is a self-serving and self-consuming deity that devours the good, true, and beautiful and spits out a fully grown(…)

Supper Meditation

(On the Body; I Corinthians 6:12-20) This table is given to people whose bodies have served other lords but have found refuge in the true Lord. This table is for redeemed bodies. This table is for those baptized. Baptism is the prerequisite for this table because baptism is the beginning of our commitment to live(…)