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Luther on the Gift of Music

“Music is an outstanding gift of God and next to theology. I would not give up my slight knowledge of music for a great consideration. And youth should be taught this art; for it makes fine skillful people.” “The riches of music are so excellent and so precious that words fail me whenever I attempt(…)

Inquiring Children

I have a child who in an uneventful day will pose an average of 50 questions; on an eventful day, the average might double. How do they do it? It’s easy to be overwhelmed. I am often overwhelmed. My wife is a much more patient saint. But the point is we do want inquiring children.(…)

Idolizing Parental Wisdom

We tend to idolize our wisdom, which is why at times we are quick to dismiss our children’s perspectives and observations. I understand that foolishness needs to be corrected, or better yet, re-directed. But I find myself continually amazed at the insights of children. They carry with them a sense of awe in their interpretation(…)

Discerning Between Discipline and Accidents

One of the difficulties of parenting is the art of discernment. Distinguishing between acts of disobedience and accidents is fundamental to avoid crushing our children’s spirit. Accidents are not reasons for discipline, they are opportunities for productive conversations. When a child spills his water, rarely is it related to an act of willful disobedience. They(…)

Disciplining Children with a Purpose

It’s not that we are self-consciously crushing our children’s spirit, it’s that we have made a habit of doing so and deceived ourselves into thinking it’s good parenting. We may call it “tough parenting” to make it more justifiable. But it’s wrong on many levels. An example of this takes place in the midst of(…)

The Micro-Managing Paradigm of Parenting

I am grateful to Classical Conversations for publishing my article. They have an exposure of over 60 thousand readers and it will open some doors for my writing. Here is the article.