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The Just War Theory and the War in Iraq

The purpose of this paper is to interact with the war in Iraq; whether it is justified or not in light of the Just War Theory and examine both positions before coming to a reasonable conclusion. Since the question at hand is one that is passed, the topic may seem futile. However, this discussion is(…)

Anthony Flew the Theist

About a month ago a friend of mine told me about Anthony Flew’s abandonment of atheism. I was pleasantly surprised. I first heard of Anthony Flew several years ago when he debated Professor Gary Habermas on the topic of the resurrection of Christ. That was a particularly peculiar debate since it seemed Dr. Flew was(…)

Quote, Suckled by a wolf

Quotation comes from There are religious people about, who, I have no doubt, were born of a woman, but they appear to have been suckled by a wolf . . . Some warlike men of this order have had power to found dynasties of thought; but human kindness and brotherly love consort better with(…)

Minimizing the gospel…

In what seems to be a life or death situation, some Reformed scholars have gone so far as to say that justification by faith is the gospel. You wouldn’t expect such language from reputable professors who are embedded with the tradition of Calvin and Luther. But they have become so opposed to unity that they(…)

Infallibility as Essential to Any System

In his first volume of Systematic Theology, Rousas J. Rushdoony describes the “inescapable concept” of infallibility. In any system of thought whether it be Marxism, Deism, or Romanism, the concept of infallibility cannot be avoided. For instance, in Rome’s case, their denial of the infallibility of Scriptures does not mean they no longer have an(…)

Another Soccer Tragedy…

* In another tragic weekend for Brazilian soccer, young Cristiano de Lima Junior died after scoring a winning goal in the Indian Soccer League. See Link This tragedy comes only one month after the death of Serginho from Sao Caetano who collapsed on the field and died. I recorded this distressing event on my blog(…)