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What do you believe that you can’t prove?

As a Trinitarian Christian, apart from special revelation, I cannot prove the existence of a Triune God who revealed himself as a man who is both deity and humanity (commonly known as hypostatic union). I am not saying that God as the supreme Being and designer cannot be proven (as Anthony Flew discovered), but what(…)

Prophets of Catastrophes and the Bishop of Canterbury

The New York Times had an article on the “blog wars” over the Tsunami disaster, which has now taken over 150,000 lives and expecting to recover perhaps double that number. The blog wars center on the reasons for the earthquake. Some in the D.U. (Democratic Underground) blogs even blamed the war in Iraq for the(…)

How do Christians suffer?

In worship this morning my elder posed a fascinating question; a question that is easily answered, but little thought of: Would you like to be like Jesus? Certainly one would reply without hesitation that this question must be answered affirmatively. However, we never stop to consider the path that Jesus chose. If we are to(…)

Thoughts on Post-Modernism

I have been doing some significant work on the topic of postmodernity and its application to the current theological scenario. Since the blog world has been largely important in shaping my thinking on these matters, I have here posted Doug Wilson’s blog on the current discussions on Postmodern thinking. It is a superfluous task to(…)


And so ends the year of our Lord two thousand and four.

Pro-Abortionist Turns Pro-Life

Q. What has happened to nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer who launched the partial-birth abortion controversy? A. Shafer is a registered nurse and, according to her Web site, she’s currently writing a book. Shafer says she was pro-choice before she worked in a women’s clinic in Ohio in 1993. But, she says, the experience changed her(…)