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Sinclair Ferguson on the Relationship between church and kingdom

What then is the relationship between the church and the kingdom? The theme of the kingdom is referred to 100 plus times in the gospels. Through Jesus the kingdom has broken through. Can the term basileia always be substituted for ekklesia? No. However closely related, they are not defined by each other. What then is(…)

Sinclair Ferguson teaches his last class at RTS/Orlando

I just found out today that Dr. Sinclair Ferguson will no longer be teaching at RTS during Winter classes. I am very thankful to have sat under this godly and brilliant man. His lectures on the church and the sacraments have truly accentuated my already present interest on these doctrines. During the next few weeks(…)

Iraqi Christians Become Targets of Attacks

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BosNewsLife/VOA)– Iraqi Christians have become targets of attacks by bandits and Muslim militants, but many continue to risk injury, and death, to attend church services. While gunshots can be heard in the distance, hundreds of Iraqi Christians can be seen singing songs about Jesus Christ, who, they say gives them hope in a(…)

You may be a Constitutionalist if…

I know the election’s momentum is gone, however, if your ideas on politics are in a state of stasis, perhaps this will stir your political deprivation. In the past I have written rather sternly about why I think it would be a consistent decision for Christians to abandon the Republican Party and join the Constitution(…)

Gary Habermas’ Interview with former atheist Anthony Flew

A Brief Section From The Interview HABERMAS: Tony, you recently told me that you have come to believe in the existence of God. Would you comment on that? FLEW: Well, I don’t believe in the God of any revelatory system, although I am open to that. But it seems to me that the case for(…)

Sinclair Ferguson on the Peter “Saying” in Matthew 16:18

The significance of the “Peter Saying” and what Jesus says to Him. This Peter saying is significant in the post-apostolic years. It has been controversial — the supremacy of the Bishop of Rome vs. the bishops of other cities. In the very primitive word, the Peter saying was simply a saying that was fulfilled in(…)