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Quote, Calvin on the Supper

“I say then, that in the mystery of the Supper, by the symbols of bread and wine, Christ, his body and his blood, are truly exhibited to us…” Book 4, Chapter 17, Section 11

Michael Crichton’s new novel: State of Fear.

A note: With the success of: The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid, comes a new interest in environmental speculation. I first came across Dr. Crichton three months ago in an interview on ABC. He seemed reasonable and even had the audacity to accuse Hollywood stars of being “stupid.” He was referring to the hundreds(…)

Part 4 – Summary of R.B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ

In chapter 32 there is a brief discussion on the role of the sacraments in the life of the church. Kuiper notes that various churches consider the sacraments in different ways. Some (as Roman Catholics) hold to seven sacraments (penance, confirmation, and extreme unction are at least three that are added to the common Protestant(…)

The Temporality and the Disjointedness of our nature with Christ’s in the Supper

Andy posed a great question regarding Alastair’s post on Transubstantiation. I thought I would post the question and answer briefly with my thoughts on the matter and perhaps Alastair could add some comments to it if he desires. Andy inquired as follows: Christ is at a distance from us because of the disjointedness of our(…)

The Kingdom and the Power

I have been working my way through Peter Leithart’s book: The Kingdom and the Power: Rediscovering the Centrality of the Church. It is in a sense an exposition of the role of the church in the shaping of society. Leithart argues that while evangelicalism today is largely interested in changing this secular culture, evangelicalism in(…)

The Eucharist and its relationship to Transubstantiation

Alistair continues his series on Transubstantiation. Here is a quote from his excellent article: One of the great insights in John Calvin’s Eucharistic theology (although the eschatological dimension of the Supper is generally muted in Calvin) is that it is our reality that is out of joint and needs to be reorientated to Christ, rather(…)