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The Redemption of the Land…

I will be terminating my contract with the internet cable in two weeks; this will limit my blog entries substantially. The computers here at RTS are not as blog friendly as I would like, so I may have to seek another means to communicate my fructiferous insights. So, let me see if I can re-start(…)

A two-week Sabbatical

Due to an enormous work load, my search for a part-time job, and a host of other things, I will not be posting for the next 2 weeks. See you all then. FacebookemailLinkedinTumblrTwitter

Alastair’s comments on Theonomy

Though I am committed to a theonomic view of ethics,  I appreciate Alastair’s critique, though excellent analysis of how theonomy helped him see the Christian world from “catholic” worldview. FacebookemailLinkedinTumblrTwitter


James White posted this link on his blog page and I thought some of my readers will find it quite interesting so here it is: FBI examines pastor’s sermons on abortion & homosexuality FacebookemailLinkedinTumblrTwitter

Patristic Fathers’ Quotations on Infant Baptism

With the prevalent discussion on Infant Baptist in the last few days at seminary I decided to post a link with several quotations testifying to the practice in the early church. FacebookemailLinkedinTumblrTwitter

Democracy the American Way!

Consider the fact that the US is trying to establish an American version of freedom or democracy in the Middle East. Now, consider the fact that Iraq doesn’t care one bit about subscribing to America’s definition of Democracy. As Richard Pratt asked today in class: “Do you really think that Iraq parents would like their(…)