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Part 5- Analysis of R.B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ

Part of R.B. Kuiper’s genius is his ability to communicate profound truth concerning the church in a simple, but yet penetrating style. Kuiper is not only of Dutch origin, but he thinks like the marvelous Dutch scholars that preceded him, such as Abraham Kuyper. As a professor of Practical Theology, Kuiper embraces a sort of(…)

Dead or Alive.

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N.T. Wright on the Rapture

Alastair came across this post and posted this on his blog and I just couldn’t resist it. I recently heard this story about N.T. Wright: A student asked Dr. Wright after one of his lectures to define the rapture as it fit into his eschatology. He replied: “The rapture is when you look out your(…)

Sinclair Ferguson on the “Ecclesia” (Church)

While the language of “ecclesia” is used seldom, the message of the Church is implicit throughout the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was building the Church ultimately on the foundation of his own death and resurrection…and until that was clear in the minds of the disciples and as a fact of history, it could not be(…)

Ecclesiology and the Sacraments with Sinclair Ferguson

Here are a few of Dr. Ferguson’s lecture notes from the class I am currently taking with him at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando): This topic is so key today because of the demise of the church in the West (Europe especially), and the growth of the church in the East (3rd world). The problem with(…)

Psalm Singing

The debate over Psalm singing is particularly discussed in Reformed circles. The issue involves adherence to the “regulative principle,” which affirms that only that which is in the Scriptures is to be practiced in the church. Some have come to accept the practice of exclusive Psalm singing (exclusive Psalmnody). They argue the Bible does not(…)