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The Sabbath and Spiritual Insights

From Luke chapter twelve the Rev. Mike Malone elaborated persuasively regarding the necessity of reading the times with spiritual insights. Jesus’ rebuke in Luke 12:56 serves as an immediate reminder of the confusion existing in the present Christian era. Jesus said: You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but(…)

Does Scripture Permit Us to Drink Alcoholic Beverages?

Kenneth Gentry has played a tremendous role in shaping my thinking on matters of eschatology and ethics. What follows is a summary article based on his book entitled: God Gave Wine, a book thoroughly analyzing the Biblical issues in the drinking question. It defends the practice of moderation in alcohol consumption.This article’s purpose is to(…)

Part 2 – Summary of R.B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ

As we continue our summary of Kuiper’s treatise on the glory of the church we will begin by exploring his views on the catholicity of the church. Kuiper affirms that there are two misinterpretations of catholicity. “There are those who take too narrow a view of it; on the other, there are those who view(…)

Review of R.B. Kuiper’s The Glorious Body of Christ, Part I

Editor’s Note: One of my requirements for my class on Ecclesiology and the Sacraments with Professor Sinclair Ferguson, which will commence on the 24th of January, is to read R.B. Kuiper’s 367-page book entitled: The Glorious Body of Christ. What follows is a five-part series summary of this 53 chapter-book. In the end, I shall(…)

Augustine on Faith

Augustine penned long ago that, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” Has anyone considered the grandeur of faith? It is fair to say that as finite creatures we have not encountered the presence of God as the saints do now embrace.(…)

The Christian’s Role and the Role of the Law

In recent years my love for apologetics has grown immensely. I have dedicated many hours to studying ethics, logic, and apologetic methodologies. One person who has greatly influenced me by use of wit and theological precision has been Greg Koukl. He is president of Stand to Reason. This ministry has done tremendous service to the(…)