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ANARCHY IN THE MIND Dominion Detractors Just Haven’t Got It! by Al Conkrite

Some still have not learned that either a society is under God’s law or man’s law. In this article, Al Cronkrite refutes a common misconception of Dominion Theology. FacebookemailGoogle+LinkedinTumblrTwitter

What to watch for Christmas? Part 2

Here’s another option for the break; this one you will not regret. In my opinion this is one of the most unpredictable movies I have ever seen (next to Memento of course). You can call it a psychological thriller; call it horror (though it would be considered a mild horror movie); call it a Hitchcock(…)

What to watch for Christmas? Part 1

Ok, granted, these are not what you would call blockbusters or 50 million dollar movies, but believe me these are classics (at least they are to me). In different ways these movies touch on several aspects of human experience such as fear, trust, and hope. Some of these will keep you glued to your screen(…)

To divide or to unite; this is the real question.

Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) is today one of the most well-known seminaries in the world. When J. Gresham Machen proposed a new seminary in 1929 (see Gary North’s analysis of Westminster’s history in his book : Westminster’s Confession: The Abandonment of Van Til’s Legacy ) few believed it would be as recognized as it is(…)

The Just War Theory and the War in Iraq

The purpose of this paper is to interact with the war in Iraq; whether it is justified or not in light of the Just War Theory and examine both positions before coming to a reasonable conclusion. Since the question at hand is one that is passed, the topic may seem futile. However, this discussion is(…)

Anthony Flew the Theist

About a month ago a friend of mine told me about Anthony Flew’s abandonment of atheism. I was pleasantly surprised. I first heard of Anthony Flew several years ago when he debated Professor Gary Habermas on the topic of the resurrection of Christ. That was a particularly peculiar debate since it seemed Dr. Flew was(…)