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Memo to Robert F. Kennedy

For those who have lately followed politics, you realize that liberals are in a great dilemma. They need to convince the nation that they are a religious people. Wow, what a task! But in order to do so they will have to re-write the Bible. Oh, let me give you a proof of this. Sandlin(…)

The Last Disciple vs. The Left Behind

Someone has just sent me an interesting article on the current debate over the “eschatological novels.” After nine years of amazing success, The Left Behind Series, which has sold over 42 million copies, has found competition in the market. The same publisher that put out Tim Lahaye’s best-sellers is now putting out an alternative novel(…)

What is a Worldview?

Worldview thinking seems to be almost exclusively a task of the intellectual elite, however, the truth is, that all of us have a worldview whether we know it or not. Worldview thinking is rare today because very few in the pews are willing to deal with it. In fact, to think to establish a Biblical(…)

James White versus Dave Hunt

Many of us have probably accompanied James White in the last few years as he has been an able defender of the Doctrines of Grace. Though I have strong disagreements with James (doc) on issues of ecclesiology, sacraments and probably several other issues; however, I am in strong agreement with his exegesis of Scriptures when(…)

5 minutes after Jeopardy…Ken Jennings finally loses

The rumors were true! After winning over 2.5 million dollars, Ken Jennings finally lost. I don’t remember exactly the question, but the magic answer was H&R Block. With 74 victories, this makes Jennings the greatest winner in the history of televised game shows. As Alex said in the end of the show, ” all good(…)

4 quick updates

#1 For anyone interested in a great movie to rent in the next few weeks you will be pleased to watch: Man on Fire. Undoubtedly, this has made my top 10 list. Denzel Washington takes on Mexico City’s corrupt police in a thriller that will blow you away. This is a must! #2 James White(…)