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Discerning Between Discipline and Accidents

One of the difficulties of parenting is the art of discernment. Distinguishing between acts of disobedience and accidents is fundamental to avoid crushing our children’s spirit. Accidents are not reasons for discipline, they are opportunities for productive conversations. When a child spills his water, rarely is it related to an act of willful disobedience. They(…)

Disciplining Children with a Purpose

It’s not that we are self-consciously crushing our children’s spirit, it’s that we have made a habit of doing so and deceived ourselves into thinking it’s good parenting. We may call it “tough parenting” to make it more justifiable. But it’s wrong on many levels. An example of this takes place in the midst of(…)

The Micro-Managing Paradigm of Parenting

I am grateful to Classical Conversations for publishing my article. They have an exposure of over 60 thousand readers and it will open some doors for my writing. Here is the article.

Repenting as Parents

I’ve seen parents of two children lose their cool and parents of eight losing their cool. We’re descendants of Adam, which is why the concept of repentance should always be in the background of parenting. Parents are to be repenters daily. In fact, in much of the background of children who rebel stands proud and(…)

Five Ways to Apply Community

“Yes, I am convinced of the necessity of community. What do I do now?” If you’ve been aloof to the idea and are now prepared to engage this new world, you need to begin thinking carefully about incorporating community into your calendar. To do so, you need to budget your time. Community is intentional, which(…)

What do you most love? Community or Self?

When we lose our love for the body, we replace it with ideological or technological addictions. For example, men who in their 20’s & 30’s engage in long cycles of gaming or gambling are substituting the community for a self-created reality. This engagement leads to aloneness which is a consequence of neglecting the gathered assembly(…)