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Loving Your Wife with Honor

Jesus wants you to love your wife so much that she should be sad to see you leave and thrilled to see you come back home. Your marriage needs to be the coronation of self-sacrifice. The world needs to see Christian men unashamedly in love with their wives. Chesterton once wrote that “Marriage is a(…)

Hiding Behind False Piety

It’s easy to hide behind devotional language: “God is all I need.” “Just give me Jesus.” This language was used in pietistic movements throughout the 18th-19th centuries and is employed abundantly today as a way of manipulating the Christian to internalize his faith. The piety of such words betray a fundamental need in the human(…)

Pastoral Self-Care Lecture

At the 2017 Biblical Horizons’ Conference, I delivered a lecture on pastoral self-care. You can listen to the lecture free here.

I Believe Children Should Be in Worship, Now What?

You attend a big/small evangelical church and you are now convinced that children should be in worship. “I believe this,” you say, “but my church doesn’t. Now what?” I want you to be faithful to your church and there is a way of doing that while disagreeing with the general ethos of the church regarding(…)

Shame, Guilt and Worship

Sin affects us in several ways, but the two primary ways are through guilt and shame. Now both ideas may appear very similar, but there is a fundamental difference. Guilt comes when we become aware of particular sins. David says, “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse from my sin.” These are two ways(…)

Children as Distraction

When I was a pastoral intern, I remember someone approaching me after a service and confessing that she simply couldn’t tolerate little children in worship because of their noises. “They were a distraction,” she said angrily. I often think this is the way many evangelicals view children: as distractions. They are distractions at home, so(…)