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Ten Lessons from the Trump Victory

Ten lessons from Trump’s victory tonight:
1) The messianic nature of Obama’s administration is over. He could not convert the nation. Barack Obama’s charisma did not translate into a national movement in favor of liberal policies neither did his campaigning on behalf of Hillary accomplish what Democrats expected. Further, the Bernie Sanders “revolution” was short-lived. Socialism is still as dangerous as it has always been.
2) Democrats underestimated the anger of the nation towards Washington D.C. Don’t trust the media. Don’t trust polls. This is the defeat of the elite.
3) Hillary was persecuted by her own e-mails throughout her entire campaign. Trump should send Comey and Weiner “Thank You” notes.
4) Liberals need to understand that the conservative/evangelical support for the pro-life cause is more than an emotional response, but a passionate conviction for the humanity and rights of the unborn. The third debate re-energized skeptical Republicans. Clinton’s late-term abortion defense is simply barbaric. The Supreme Court still matters.
5) As a Latino who entered this country legally and endured the lengthy process towards citizenship, I think the Democratic Party failed to understand why many of us favor the rule of law when it comes to legal immigration.
6) We are an entertainment-driven culture. We love the image of a conqueror, even if his victory comes at the expense of others. We need to repent of our greater love of mammon over morality.
7) Donald Trump needs an army of wise counselors.
8) The pessimism of many that the country is doomed apart from a Trump presidency is a sad description of an idolatrous view of politics. If our Lord suffered under Pontius Pilate and was victorious over Nero, the Church can succeed under any presidency.
9) We need to return to the basics. We need to return to our first love. We need to take these coming days, months and years to re-acquaint ourselves with the Christian faith and creed. We are an ignorant people. We don’t know our Bibles. We need a Christian populace that is educated in Christian ethics and Biblical Theology. We need to regroup and reconsider our strategy in the Church. We ultimately need a Gospel revolution.
10) This nation needs so much healing. The concerns of minority communities are not being heard. Trump’s rhetoric needs to change dramatically. These communities have legitimate fears and dismissing their concerns only increase division in the nation. We need to be cautious about our words and assumptions about fellow image-bearers. I have heard and read things these last two years that should never be uttered by anyone who claims the name of Christ.
Finally, there is so much more to say, but I end reiterating what I said in a previous post: “God is not mocked, but he is grieved when those who trust in him turn against one another. Let us save our friendships. Let us repent of how we have offended one another in these past months. And then let us fast and pray and seek God’s face together.”

Herod the Fox, Jesus the Hen, and the Exodus: Lectionary, Luke 13:31-35

In these few verses in St. Luke, the writer plays on the animal vocabulary to describe two opposing groups. In the process it also echoes the exodus motif.

In this text, Herod is described as a fox. A fox is known for its cunning and deceitful ways. Herod wants Jesus out of his way. As N.T. Wright observes, “Herod is a predator.” The Pharisees come along and ask Jesus to flee the fox and exodus from the town. On the other hand, Jesus describes his purpose in gathering Israel to a hen protecting her own.

Herod wants to kick Jesus out and Jesus wants to kick demons out (exorcism). Jesus wants to gather his brood, but they will not listen. They do not want Jesus’ hen-like protection, and so they will suffer destruction. Their home will be left desolate. The glory will exodus from Israel’s temple. Jesus will journey out of the region, so that He may depart to Jerusalem. Finally, Jesus will work on day one and two, but on the third day He will depart and cry It is finished.