John Frame Retires: Three Lessons I’ve Learned From Him

Today one of the five most influential living theologians in my life retires. I had the joy of studying under John Frame and to spend some additional time with him on an independent study on the theology of Abraham Kuyper. Here are three brief lessons I’ve gained from Professor Frame:
1) The importance of persuasion: Frame once wrote that “We are not seeking merely to validate statements but to persuade people” Human beings are emotionally invested in the beliefs and opinions they hold. Frame taught me to persuade in love lest you persuade in vain.
2) Theology as application: Frame taught me that theology becomes fruitful only when it’s applied. He defined theology as: “The application of the Word of God by persons to all areas of life.” This has deeply shaped my pastorate.
3) We are multi-perspectival: We are not imprisoned by one way of looking at certain ideas. God has made us creative in our thinking, therefore ideas can be shaped by what is normative, situational, or existential. We are holistic image bearers which humble us as we dialogue with other image-bearers.