Homeschooling Rest

Let me address homeschool dads. I am certain what I am about to say applies to other dads in some ways, but my focus is homeschooling fathers. As a homeschooling family, I have a front seat to the remarkable work my wife accomplishes in a solitary day; the ability to navigate, dictate, advocate for the children throughout the day while instructing, cherishing, and hugging. It’s a phenomenal accomplishment. Yet, I wonder how often we dads see their sacrifices, enter into their struggle to offer support and rest. The latter is especially crucial to the successful work of homeschooling moms. It is inconceivable that a homeschooling father watches everything that takes place in the home and remains unmoved by the almost supernatural itinerary of his wife. So, here’s my exhortation: do not fail to praise and edify your wife. Do provide times of regular rest for her. Do see her work as a delightful reminder of the Gospel which nurtures us daily. Consistently ask if there are ways you can make her task more joyful.

Homeschooling is not a task to overburden, overwork, and age quicker. It’s a gift from God to train and nourish your children in the Lord and husbands play a fundamental role in minimizing the pressures and maximizing the pleasures of serving our little ones.