10 Tweets on the Care of Pastors

Pastoral theology needs to be considered afresh if it is to provide modern pastors the motivation to continue in long-term ministry. #10

If pastors are the priests of society, then they need to be restored and renewed first by the Great High Priest. #9

“It is I. Do not fear” is probably the most needed of Jesus’s statements for pastors today. #8

Pastors often interpret Jesus’ miracles as merely supernatural acts, but they are pastoral acts on behalf the Church. #7

Pastors need a pastoral view of the doctrine of union with Christ. We tire ourselves for others w/out ever resting in our Sabbath union. #6

In particular, pastors need to see Jesus’ earthly ministry as a way of shepherding. Jesus shepherds His church in every text. #5

The ministry of Jesus offers great encouragement to ministers, yet many ministers look to models rather than Jesus’ pastoral ministry. #4

There are many expectations laid at the pastor’s feet but rarely do people think of their responsibilities towards their pastor. #3

Congregations need to have long-term care for pastors; a neglected lesson which pastors don’t address for fear of self-promotion. #2

The care of pastors is neglected in the church because people perceive the pastor to have all the answers and not to feel pain. #1