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Biblical Horizons Complete Set -ALL CONFERERENCES (1991-2014) 50% OFF!!

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The entire Biblical Horizons Conferences from 1991-2014 is now 50% off —that’s a $150 discount–to the first five who e-mails me at wordmp3sales@gmail.com

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The amazing exegetical and biblical theological insights of the Biblical Horizons speakers are now available in this one set! Get the complete set of Biblical Horizons conference recordings (over 360 mp3s) with one purchase. Biblical Horizons 1991-2014 Conference Collection is 24 years (23 Conferences recorded; note: 2011 conference was not recorded). The most frequents speakers are James B. Jordan, Peter J. Leithart, Jeffrey J. Meyers, and Rich Bledsoe. Others include Gary Demar, Ralph Smith, Bill DeJong, Burke Shade, Blake Purcell, Mickey Schneider, and others.

Instructions: Once this item is purchased, we will add each of the conference sets to your account (this may take about an hour or so, so please be patient). You will need to login after this and you should see the conferences in your “My Downloads.”

The Conferences:

Biblical Horizons 1991 Conference – Calvinism, Arminianism…

Biblical Horizons 1992 Conference – Worship and Sacrifice

Biblical Horizons 1993 Conference – Temple and Priesthood

Biblical Horizons 1994 Conference – Daniel and Zechariah

Biblical Horizons 1995 Conference – Prophecy and Society

Biblical Horizons 1996 Conference – Doorways and Passages

Biblical Horizons 1997 Conference – Mark, Hebrews, and Scapegoating

Biblical Horizons 1998 Conference – The Psalter

Biblical Horizons 1999 Conference – Preterist Eschatology

Biblical Horizons 2000 Conference – Genesis

Biblical Horizons 2001 Conference – The Levites and Music

Biblical Horizons 2002 Conference – The Inspection of Jealousy

Biblical Horizons 2003 Conference – Modernism and Postmodernity

Biblical Horizons 2004 Conference – The Mission of God in History

Biblical Horizons 2005 Conference: Ecclesiastes and Wisdom Literature

Biblical Horizons 2006 Conference – Beginnings of the Apostolic Age

Biblical Horizons 2007 Conference – Outside the Box

Biblical Horizons 2008 Conference – Rosenstock-Huessy, Colossians, Church Music

Biblical Horizons 2009 Conference – Leviticus

Biblical Horizons 2010 Conference – Wine, Women and Song

Biblical Horizons 2012 Conference – Back to Basics

Biblical Horizons 2013 Conference – Jeremiah and Isaiah

Biblical Horizons 2014 Conference – Sacrifice and Clothing


Peter Leithart’s Special Seven-Part Series on Revelation

Revealing Revelation Conference held at Christ Covenant Church of Chicago, with Dr. Peter J. Leithart addressing the book of Revelation in 7 talks. Dr. Leithart says, “Revelation is often read as if, when we turn the page from Jude, we’re no longer reading about early Christian communities in a Greco-Roman world, but about the end of the first millennium AD, or the Black Death, or the turmoils of the Reformation era, or the Cold War, or the War on Terror and Jewish-Muslin tensions in today’s Middle East. So it’s again important to state the obvious: Revelation is a book of the New Testament.”

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