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Why are Reconstructionists so mean?

Someone posed a form of this question recently and I thought I offer a brief reply.

I find Reconstructionism in its basic expression very appealing. One of my dear friends was a leading figure in the Reconstructionist movement in Tyler, TX. So, I have a more intimate connection with that group. Part of what makes some Reconstructionists forget the “love” part of “speaking the truth in love” is their consistent dismissal of the institutional church. To them, the Church needs to carry a non-hierarchical nature–devoid of clergy; truly–as  I see it– an abusive application of the priesthood of all believers. When the book I edited on the Church was published I was accused by one man as a Baal worshipper because I argued for the centrality of the church. If church is simply when I meet with others, or my interactions on facebook, or meeting with some friends in coffee shop, or a Bible study in a home on Sunday morning, and if clergy is always defined as leaders of an ecclesiocracy, then I am left to operate as an ecclesiastical anarchist owing no allegiance to any man and speaking truth as I see it without concern for what others may think or how it is expressed. True postmillennialism is both ecclesiastical and catholic; deeply concerned for truth and deeply concerned about the tenderness of the theological enterprise (in omnibus caritas).