Who Am I?

I am the pastor of Providence Church in Pensacola, Fl. I am the husband of Melinda and father of Abigail, Ezekiel, Ephraim, and Elijah. I am a lover of life and liturgy, and I assume that life is liturgical. I believe Jesus is Lord and King. Biblical theocracy is true and necessary. The Lord’s Day Worship is the most important part of the week. The Genevan Psalter is magnificent. Feasting is good and right. Technology is not evil. God loves wine. Books are God’s gifts to man. Apostasy is real. Baptism is baptism. The Eucharist is God’s food for hungry people. And the Triune God is the pattern for all of life.

I am the editor of The Church-Friendly Family (purchase the printed book here) and author of the  The Trinitarian Father. I am the founder and contributor to The Kuyperian Commentary, and I am also a guest contributor at The Christian Post.

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