A New Beginning

All good things must come to an end. For those of you who are new to the Church calendar, we are coming to the end of the Church liturgical year. The Church year goes from Advent to Pentecost and today is the last Sunday of Pentecost, traditionally known as Christ the King Sunday.

You are going to see a change in liturgical colors, a new prayer of confession, our colors will change to purple, and we will also be introducing the Sanctus next Sunday, which is already very familiar to those of you who attend our Vespers’ Service. Beginning on December 3rd, we re-start the entire Church year and begin anew this cycle of expectation, coming, glory, and power.

Why do we go through this cycle again and again? We go through it because we love the Gospel. We love to see it embodied in a baby and we love to see it embodied in an exalted, resurrected King.

The Church Calendar for us is a glorious repetition of what the world was before Christ, what the world became after Christ, and what the world shall be in Christ. The end is coming, but a new beginning is near.

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One thought on “A New Beginning”

  1. We look forward to the New Church Year, hopefully to growing ever closer to Christ Our King. Although members of another sheepfold, we anticipate sharing in your family via electronic media. We Pray all of God’s Blessings on Providence Church; It’s Pastors Uriesou Brito, Al Stout, and all of the precious congregation.
    For the King, Roger and Thanne Cole.

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