A Holy Meal for a Holy Family

Paedocommunion is the climactic event of the covenant family. It is the first real sign of contrast with worldly practices. There are distinct differences in the familial structures of this world. The Christian family is even more distinct because it embraces a different calling. By investing in the catechetical development of children the home is enriched by a set of new visions; visions that are trans-generational. Furthermore, the home is restored to sanity and stability when the family in its ontological equal status partakes of the meal Christ offers to all who are invested into his body.

Alistair comments:

The practice of paedocommunion is a very powerful tool for raising children in true piety. The Eucharist teaches children the joy of being in God’s presence and the solemnity of eating Christ’s Body and drinking His Blood. The Eucharist teaches children the necessity of living lives shaped by penitence, faith and thanksgiving. If we allow children to participate in a manner that denies the reality of the Supper we do them no service.

Hindering a child from experiencing the presence of Christ is to equate them to the families of the earth who do not possess Christ’s perfect sacrifice. The baptized child is as much a part of the covenant family as his/her parents. Peter himself calls us a holy nation, a royal priesthood. Embracing Christ’s meal for the entire family affirms Peter and consecrates the covenant home.

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