A Letter to Someone who left the faith

Dear friend,

I still remember first meeting you. Your enthusiasm for Jesus was great. We hosted you numerous times in our home. The church you attended even helped you through some difficult financial situations. I recall how thankful you were for the generosity of the saints. Then, a month or so after, you were different. You started to miss church often. You were not returning texts or calls from concerned members of your church. Something changed.

Your pictures on social m…edia indicated that you were having fun. But it wasn’t the kind of fun that Christians have with others, it was a dismissive fun; the kind you have when your sense of morality is distorted. I confess I was deeply concerned. And I was right to be. Your friends–especially those of a homosexual persuasion–were nice to you; in fact, they were so kind that you began to despise everything your church taught which meant you began to despise Jesus, Paul, the Law, and the Prophets.

It was the end of a journey for you. You came to church one last time and gave up the ghost. Your pastor has not seen you in church since then. After a long time trying to reach you, love you, remind you of your baptism, you rejected it all and decided to party in the pastures of pigs. My heart aches because once you despise Jesus and his Bride, you are in a more dangerous place than if you had been born and remained an atheist all your days.

I urge you: come back! I know that by now you know that the pleasures of the world are unsatisfying. Honey quickly turns into vinegar; love quickly turns into betrayal. Come back! We are waiting for you. In fact, let us know when you are ready to return. We need a little time to organize your welcome party. I hope to see you soon.

Pastor Brito

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