A Society of Friends

The Church is a society of friends. It’s a community of love. In this community of love we strive to have peace with all men. We call one another to live godly lives in Christ Jesus. We call brothers and sisters to turn from their sin to righteousness. As Abraham Kuyper once wrote, “He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.” The society we call the Church is a society that is near to God. And when a fellow member of that body is distant from God, we call him back, because no one can live far from God without enduring the harsh consequences of sin.

A true friend sticks closer than a brother; a true friend edifies. What makes our society different than all other societies is that we have a friend that has already shown us what life together looks like. We have friend who has drawn us to himself when we were yet sinners. We have a friend who draws us nearer to himself, because he is the God/Man, a friend of sinners.

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