Fetal Worldview

I accompanied my wife to the doctor to hear our baby’s heartbeat. It was a magical moment. This is our fifth child and I am still amazed by it each time I hear the sound of life.

I was reminded that our child’s worldview does not begin to be formed when he is born into this world, but when he/she is formed in the mother’s womb (Psalm 139:14). We need a womb theology that equips parents to think biblically about life and the world–which is what a worldview is.

If the life and humanity of the unborn begin at conception then our work as parents does not wait for delivery. The parental duty, therefore, begins by singing, talking, and bathing the unborn in the God who formed him. This may sound strange to some ears, but a pro-life view is not simply one that advocates on behalf of the unborn, but one that ministers to the unborn.


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