It’s a boy!

We have returned home from the hospital. Our baby boy, Elijah Ambrose, is a healthy mix of Brazilian tenacity and American perseverance.  In all his glory, the “little” fellow is 9.6lbs. Despite complications and some adjustments, mommy is doing well.  She is also a paragon of unending virtue. She has a hard grasp on life and simply won’t let anything affect her pursuit of being a faithful mother.

I was struck as I drove home with my third boy and bride, of the weightiness that rests on me. It is a rather stunning reality that Yahweh (Jah) would grant me such a responsibility. Another boy–an opportunity to claim that God is Yahweh (Eli-Jah) through parenting and life.  May the weightiness of responsibility be light as I rest in Yahweh in the flesh.


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