Communion Meditation

Communion Meditation: Word and Sign

Brothers and Sisters, Boaz provides both word and sign, so Ruth may have assurance of His promises. Our Lord Jesus instructs us through the preached Word, but He gives more; he also gives us a sign that His promises are sure. This sign is this table: bread and wine for us and our children. So, come knowing that you are His and that He will fulfill His promises unto a thousand generations.


Communion Meditation: Assurance

Brothers and Sisters, how do you know you are in Christ? One of the great assurances you have that you are in Christ is that you fellowship with Him at His table. This is the Lord’s Table, and so it is first and foremost a table for those who have been invited into His presence. Since you have been invited and drawn to Him by grace this table is His way of giving you assurance that you are His. This is not a time to doubt rather, this is a time to be assured that Christ is fully given to you as you drink of Him in wine and eat of Him in bread. Come and taste and be assured.


Communion Meditation: Community Meal

Brothers and Sisters, we have taken refuge under the wings of the Lord and part of that means getting fed at his table, just as Ruth is fed at the table of Boaz.  We have fellowship with Jesus just as she has fellowship with Boaz.  It is important that he give her bread and drink, because he, again, is the True King.  This is a community meal and, of course, this comes over into the New Testament, when Christ gives us bread and wine, and gives us a large helping.  Ruth is told to draw near, just like Christ invites us to draw near in this communion meal. Come and draw near for the greater Boaz is ready to feed you.

Communion Meditation: The Greater Boaz

Brothers and Sisters, the picture of Boaz as provider is precisely the picture we have in Christ. Through Boaz, the line of Naomi will be preserved, but through Christ all those united to him will be preserved. Christ is the One that brings our genealogies to fulfillment. He has preserved the righteous even when all things seemed impossible. Today, we eat and drink because Boaz was faithful and because the greater Boaz, Jesus Christ was faithful. Take Joy, the greater Boaz has come to give us bread and wine, eat and drink.

Communion Meditation: A Good Exodus

Brothers and Sisters, when the mixed multitudes left Egypt into the desert God provided for them again and again. He provided drink and manna. It was an exodus into life, though many of them grumbled and died on their way to the Promised Land. Every exodus is painful. Leaving an old land for a new land is no easy task. How blessed we are then this morning that Christ made an exodus for us when He left the splendor of heaven to a sinful world and how much more thankful we should be that He made an exodus back to heaven accomplishing salvation for us. This meal is a meal for a people has trusted the greater Moses to lead them into green pastures. Come and eat and drink for Yahweh has brought us into the Promised Land.

Communion Meditation: A Shalom Meal

Brothers and Sisters, bread and wine are offered for us because it is part of God’s economic process. He used image-bearers to make this bread and to provide this wine. He gives us bread, which is alpha food representing the beginning of our day and He uses wine, omega food; representing the ending of our day, as if to say everything is provided for you. Bread and wine are nourishment and shalom; Strength and rest for the people of God. To be a part of God’s great cosmic project you have to eat bread and drink wine. You need to eat and drink believing that God’s word is true; that He will establish His kingdom and the city of man will taste of the shalom of God. Come and eat.

Communion Meditation: Antithesis Confirmed

Brothers and Sisters, our Lord Jesus has taught us that He came to bring life and salvation. On this table, Jesus gives us life. At this table, Jesus makes the antithesis clear: Bread and Wine for my people only. This table marks the difference between the New Israel and Old Egypt. Jesus says this table is for those who are marked by baptism and for those who have made Yahweh glad. As Proverbs teaches, “A wise son makes glad His father.” So, come and eat for your Heavenly Father is pleased with you.

Eucharistic Meditation: Jesus, the Fountain of Life

Brothers and Sisters, in about a year or so from now, as the bread and wine are being passed, little Ian will make the “I want “sign. Then Valerie will say: “It’s yours.” Children know when they are not a part of the community. Children know that what God gives mommy and daddy in the church He gives to me as well. This is the way Jesus brings people into His Bride. In the message this morning, we saw that the mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life. In the Gospels Jesus says I am the living water. If you drink of Me you shall never thirst. How can we trust in Jesus when I am dealing with so much? Have I been repentant enough of the use of my tongue? Christ has forgiven you. Absolution has been declared in Jesus’ Name. Now, eat and drink and go and sin no more. Be renewed by the fountain of life who gives us all things. Remember your baptism. Jesus says you are mine and no man will take you out of His hands.

Communion Meditation: One and the Many

Brothers and Sisters, that God is One means that we eat and drink together as One. We are united worshiping Father, Son, and Spirit. This is our creed. That God is three means we recognize differences in the body of Christ. He has given us many gifts and we exercise them for the sake of the body. Let us come to this table as one people with many gifts celebrating Father, Son, and Spirit. Amen.

Pentecostal Meal

Jesus is with His people at this table through the power of the Spirit. The Lord’s Table is a Pentecostal event. Even in Acts 2, we see that the disciples are breaking bread together. Food brings people together. This feast is a unifying feast. We come to eat and drink as one people united in mind and in mission. The Spirit of God says, “Come.”