What Controls Your Mind?

What is it that controls your mind at this stage in life? This is a question I often ask of people. I ask you now as we stand at this remarkable stage in history; the point where we are about to transition into sacred worship: what is it that controls your mind at this moment? Are you still suffering from that comment someone made to you a year ago? Are you self-consciously being controlled by the opinion of others? Do you see yourself stifled by continual introspection and doubt? If so, you are not alone. We have all felt this way before, and perhaps we feel this way now. But remember that this is not what God has in store for you this morning as you gather with God’s people. God wants to be the answer to all your questions. He wants to be the beginning and the end of your journey.

If what controls your mind is guilt and shame, then you are at the right place. I Peter says that we are to cast our cares on him. Confession is a form of casting our cares, even worldly cares on him. When you confess your sins this morning corporately and individually, confess your fear of what others think of you and be reminded that this is where God re-orients your affections and fears.

Worship does all these things: it shapes and structures your thinking in a way that nothing else will. Worship is our way of saying to the world that what God says matters. In fact, it matters more than anything else. Worship is a prayer; a genuine prayer for God to be our all in all. Let us prepare our hearts for worship.

Prayer: Most merciful Father, we have indulged in sinful desires and we have acted in fear. We have made you too small and man too big. Help us to orient our hearts as we confess our sins and as we rise to sing your praises. We pray that you will answer us according to the promises you have made through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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