Covered you with Silk

There is an image in Ezekiel 16 that we all should remember as we begin a new day. The language recalls the faithlessness of God’s people throughout redemptive history. In fact, the imagery is quite explicit because the depths of depravity is explicit. In the midst of this expose of our fallenness and propensity to wander away from God, the text provides some of the richest language known to man. Yahweh says: “I wrapped you in fine linen and covered you with silk.” God does not take the weak and cover her with any fiber, but the most luxurious fiber imaginable. He covers our nakedness with royal garments. God longs to cover you with all good things. He is not eager to see the weak perish but to raise him to newness of life. In union with Jesus, we are covered with the finest linen known to man, the righteousness of God. Remember that we were children of wrath but God has dressed us in fine linen and covered us with silk. In God’s eyes, we are a treasured possession. Believe this and rejoice!

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