Federal Vision debate post…Part 7

D.G. Hart begins to add some fuel to the discussion. Here is where I think my previous post begins to shed some of the main differences in FV attempts for catholicity and anti-FV attempts to remain in their miniscule, ever-so small bubbles.

Hart’s reply to Leithart is as follows:

So I would have thought that the proponents of FV in their effort to correct certain features of Reformed Christianity would not end up being as comparably broad as the National Association of Evangelicals.

Hart misunderstands Leithart. It is not that we want to embrace the shallowness of the NAE, but that we want to embrace the vastness of the catholic/orthodox world. We do not adopt evangelical methods, but we accept them as evangelicals. For Hart and others, they have spent so much effort in re-enforcing their distinctions, that they have lost the centrality of the Messianic message of unity.1


  1. John 17 [ back]
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