Democrats, Life, and Worldview

Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would have threatened doctors with prison time if they failed to save an infant who was still alive after an attempted abortion. In fact, all the major voices of the party blocked this bill. It wasn’t too long ago where such bills would have garnered unanimous support from both parties.

At this stage, what we have before us is the intellectual slippery slope of a worldview. Francis Schaeffer once observed that while we pray for the end of abortion, we should also pray for this “godless worldview” to be rolled back with all its results across all of life.” The Christian faith provides a unified answer for the whole of life. We are not seeing a sudden change in public opinion, we are witnessing a view of the world connecting its dots. In sum, we are seeing the fulfillment of Romans 1 when God gives them over to their reprobate minds.

Another clear example of this came from a recent Instagram live stream video where Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez raised the question as to whether we should have children. After all, climate change is a moral issue, she argued. And who would want to bear children in such a dangerous world? Therefore, to ask the question “Should we have children?” is a question younger couples need to contemplate in light of our impending doom.

Again, we are witnessing the connection of worldview dots; we are seeing ideological consistency in action.

The Christian Church has clear proposals in response: a) human life has intrinsic value, and b) children are a blessing from the Lord.

Yet, in a world that despises biblical authority and God’s Lordship, all these clear proposals are questioned. In the end, such questions deserve a resounding answer from the Christian Church by living positive lives in God’s sight, by loving our children with undying fervor, by cherishing life in all its goodness and expressing immense gratitude to the God who doesn’t despise the weak but pours grace upon grace.

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