Exhortation: Marriage and Maturity

Marriage is all about maturity. Marriage is for sanctification; growth and wisdom. We learn from one another; we one another one another as we listen and share life’s burdens together.

One reason the psalms are so sanctifying is because in them we find a similar pattern of bride and groom talking to one another. The bride shares with the groom her most intimate details and the groom responds with grace and care.

The book of Ruth reflects this pattern. Boaz responds to Ruth as a groom responds to the bride: he listens and acts accordingly. He listens and loves accordingly. He listens and protects accordingly. Boaz is a Christ-figure, because Christ longs to hear from His bride; Christ hears and acts accordingly.

Today, Bride of Christ, our husband calls us to come boldly before the throne of grace. So, let us come and prepare to ascend into the heavenly places.


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