Exhortation: The Ten Words

We are going to hear this morning a reading of the Ten Commandments, or more appropriately, The Ten Words. The Commandments have an appropriate place in the life of the Christian; especially in this Lenten Season. In Exodus, the Law was given to an infant generation. Israel was still very beginning to know her role in the world as God’s people. The purpose of this law was to make Israel a distinct people; a distinct nation of royal priests–a nation whose purity would be spoken of throughout all generations. The Law of God serves this same function today, though it has been transformed through the resurrection of Jesus. We are not Old Israel, we are New Israel. And this means that we have newer responsibilities and a greater ability through the Spirit of God to keep these commandments.

As we consider this morning our sins, and as we confess them as a congregation and individually, we are called to consider our conscious sins and our sins of ignorance. We have sinned against a Holy God, and we confess these things because the God who gave us His holy laws, also became our perfect sacrifice in Jesus Christ to cleanse, forgive, and renew us to be the people God has called us to be.

Prayer: Our God, your law is sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb. Keep us from all sin that we might not be ruled by them, but rather overcome them by the power of Christ, our crucified and risen Lord, Amen.

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