Farewell to Descartes

Rosenstack-Huessy dedicates an entire chapter bidding farewell to Descartes. He observes that “we do not exist because we think. Man is the son of God and not brought into being by thinking. We are called into a society by a mighty entreaty, “Who art thou, man, that I should care for thee?”…we grow into society on faith, listening to all kinds of human imperatives. Later we stammer and stutter, nations and individuals alike, in the effort to justify our existence by responding to the call (pgs. 9-10, I am an Impure Thinker).” Huessy prefers the idea that our humanity is based on our ability to respond. As the Persons of the Trinity communicate clearly with one another and respond appropriately, so too there is an inherent liturgical component in Yahweh’s image-bearers. We are worshiping beings because of our ability to respond to the sacred call by interacting with the groom.

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