Federal Vision Debate Post…Part 9

Continuing my with my brief comments on the Federal Vision Debate– at De Regno Christi,– we come to Leithart’s response to Darryl Hart’s claim that FV proponents have gone too far in starting their own denomination.

Leithart claims:

…whatever we end up saying about the calling and responsibilities of the PCA, OPC, CREC, or ministers in those denominations, it needs to be set in the context of the fundamental biblical claim that there is only one church because there is only one Christ. We Reformed ministers and theologians have to conduct ourselves in a way that manifests that we are not of Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, but members of one universal body.

This is a hard thing to do in an age of so much division and little unity. Leithart’s point is worth considering. Despite our tendencies to claim superiority over other denominations on the basis that we are purer or more committed to a particular tradition; the reality, is that we are members of one universal church. When the universal church becomes synonymous with individual denominations, we have lost the unifying message of Christ’s High Priestly prayer. We are not of Leithart nor of Hart, but of the one holy apostolic church.

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