Foreign Policy Links

A few helpful foreign policy links:

United States non-interventionism

Non-Interventionism is right again by Patrick Buchanan

America’s tradition of non-interventionism

What is a non-interventionist foreign policy?

I love Ron Paul, except his foreign policy

Michael Sheuer’s Non-Intervention website

Juan Cole’s website

It’s the occupation, stupid by Robert Pape ( a deep look into the rationale of suicide bombers) & Pape’s Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

An interview with Chalmer’s Johnson on the overreach of American militarism & interview with Scott Horton on same topic

Some of my posts and notes on the topic:

Why Blowback?

Armageddon Foreign Policy is Over

The New Bush

Christians Being Targeted in Iraq

The Just War Theory and the War in Iraq, written in 2004

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