God’s Surprises

In the midst of our anxieties, depression and angst about the future, we must think with Trinitarian lens because we have a limited focus. We often need to be surprised out of our situation. God is the expert in surprising and re-directing our plans. If you have tasted of the human experience at any level, you know that we can easily depend on our strategies or plans to bring us happiness. The old saying, “We make plans, and God laughs at them,” is not very Christian. God does not laugh at our plans as if he is secretly waiting to make a mockery out of his children. That’s not how our Father in heaven deals with us. God doesn’t laugh at our plans; he beautifies them by sprinkling his mercy. God’s mercy is what catches us off guard; what surprises us. When our plans are re-arranged and when our future doesn’t turn out the way we imagined, it’s not God’s mockery, it’s God’s mercy. So, be cognizant that when things seem to be falling apart around you, it’s the mercy of God, not his curses or mockery. The Triune God has never played a wrong note in history and neither will He with the story of your life.

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