I Believe Children Should Be in Worship, Now What?

You attend a big/small evangelical church and you are now convinced that children should be in worship. “I believe this,” you say, “but my church doesn’t. Now what?” I want you to be faithful to your church and there is a way of doing that while disagreeing with the general ethos of the church regarding children.

First, I’d encourage you to talk to your pastor or an available church officer. Ask them if there would be any problem with bringing your little children to church. Though they may oppose it, kindly affirm that you would like to try it for some of the reasons mentioned in previous posts. With few exceptions, they have all been accommodating.

Secondly, begin to prepare your children to sit with you in worship during the week (I’ve written about this. Send me a note if you’d like suggestions).

Finally, persevere. Be prepared for some initial difficulties. Training children at home is a long-term labor of love and the same is true at church.

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