Identity and Transfiguration

What is fundamental to our human identity? Where do we find worth? In the Garden, our forefathers were content to find worth in communion with God. But after the Fall, their sense of worth was inextricably tied to their identity. In other words, if they could connect themselves to some accomplishment, a certain way of being, the possession of an object (car, clothes, companionship) then they would be complete. But if that is where you find your sense of self-worth, if that is where your identity lies, what will happen when you lose those things? Do you suddenly lose who you are?

Perhaps you will blame everyone around you; you will seek to do whatever it takes, whether immoral or absurd to get it back. You will soon be talking like Gollum: “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious!” 

The Gospel promises in the Transfiguration that you can stop trying to find self-worth in the old world; the world where righteousness is nothing more than filthy rags. The Gospel teaches that your self-worth and identity is in the Second Adam. He is the One true possession you will never lose. Your identity and self-worth is secured in him.

As the Apostle Paul says, “Our adequacy is from God.” When we look at the Transfigured Lord, don’t look away. Keep looking. Keep listening. Keep learning. He will teach you to crush your dependence on the “precious” things of this world, and to turn your affections and love to Christ alone. Hear his voice today! Hear it as you taste and see that the Transfigured Lord is good.

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